Deputies Unite on Removal of Excise Duty for Domestic Beer

Only the removal of the excise duty on domestic beer managed to unite the deputies

The Finance Ministry’s proposed change in tax laws, known as the whistle-blowing bonus, is being dropped. According to her, a bonus of 10% should have been given for information on hidden taxes for over 100,000 BGN. However, the deputies of the budget committee rejected the new texts, with support coming only from PP-DB. The vote showed that the proposal will not pass in the plenary hall

The amendment was not accepted with the argument that it would stimulate denunciations from competitors and would not have the desired effect of brightening the economy.

With the votes of GERB, BSP and “Vazrazhdane”, the proposal that restaurateurs pay salaries only by bank transfer was also rejected. The general text, which is already in effect, remains the same – all companies with over 100 employees must do so.

Since this text is part of the measures that the finance ministry proposes as a condition to leave 9% for restaurants, it is obvious that the fate of this proposal will be decided in the chamber. However, another proposal for brightening the restaurants was supported and remains – that establishments with a category above one star offer mandatory payment through a POS terminal.

The idea of ​​limiting cash payments to BGN 5,000 was also supported only by “We continue the change”. All deputies from the other parties declared themselves “against” and thus the threshold remains at BGN 10,000. Only the change introduced by Daniela Bojinova from the PP and her colleagues that there would be no excise tax on domestic beer was voted unanimously. The relief applies to quantities up to 100 litres.

The proposal to change property tax assessments every 2 years if their price has risen by more than 10% was not voted until the editorial end of the issue. It is also not supported by most MPs.

2023-11-30 18:04:00

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