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Delyan Peevski personally invites MEP Elena Yoncheva to join DPS Euro vote list

Delyan Peevski personally called to invite Elena Yoncheva to the DPS list for the Euro vote, said the MEP herself, who entered the current European Parliament, nominated by the BSP.

“Delyan Peevski called me personally. He invited me to the building of the National Assembly. He made this offer three days ago. I said I had to think. I explained that I would accept it if I have the right to stand up for what I have stood up for so far,” she told bTV.

“I accept the nomination of DPS as an assessment of everything I have done in the European Parliament for Bulgaria,” explained MEP Elena Yoncheva.

“Right on what? Everything I have done in this building shows that I have no addiction. On my initiative, a resolution was made for Bulgaria, which says that we have serious problems with the rule of law, freedom of the press and the justice system. To win such a mission, it shows that there is no dependence”, Elena Yoncheva was generic.

“I would accept an invitation from a party that gives me freedom to continue with these battles. Legislation related to human trafficking is pending. I am also working on the media act. I give myself this freedom. As a journalist and a politician, I myself am a guarantee for my freedom,” said the MEP.

In 2019, Elena Yoncheva led the BSP list for the European elections. The competition for the first place in the Eurolist was between her and then the chairman of the European Socialist Party and MEP Sergey Stanishev. Yoncheva’s application was supported by 95 votes, and Stanishev – with 75. Both then maintained a positive tone during the election campaign, although Sergey Stanishev criticized Kornelia Ninova for arranging the lists.

Just a year later, the relationship between Elena Yoncheva and the BSP leadership has worsened. Yoncheva criticized Kornelia Ninova, and the socialists withdrew their political trust from the MEP.

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