Since the beginning of March, the Rennes WALL welcomes the creation of the Rennes graffiti artist Moore, pioneer of street art in Rennes. In the space of a few days, the performance rue Vasselot revealed the artist’s graphic talent. Unidivers met him for the occasion. From his first graffiti in an abandoned warehouse at the MUR in Rennes, how Mourad became the graffiti artist Moore ? Artistic and urban diving from the end of the 80s to today.

Over the months, multiple artists from different backgrounds – international, national and local – have dressed the Rennes WALL since its creation. After the work all in collages of 13bis, the graffiti artist from Rennes Moore offers a sparkling creation of color and an ounce of hope for the cultural community. You certainly know him, his name has been spreading throughout the city for years.

moore street-art rennes

The tags, « the basis of the graffiti »

L’urban art, or street-art, really begins to flourish in France from May 68. ” Already in 1992, I had made a lettering with the inscription “street-art” for fun. It is also found in the books known to all the graffiti artists Subway Art of Martha Cooper and Spray Kanart (25.42) »

Exchange with Moore, Mourad of his real (pre) name, on his history it is to plunge back into Rennes of the beginning of the 90s and the evolution of street-art. Native of Dinan, but having grown up in Rennes, his years in high school, arts-plastic option, introduced him to the history of art, but no technique was really dispensed. ” I regret a little that we are thrown into the water without really learning something at the graphic levele ”, he begins. He entered the world of graffiti through the tag door, ” letters are the basis ». « A friend had Parisian cousins ​​with whom he spent the holidays. One day he asked us if we knew what a tag was. »A question that perhaps seems ridiculous today with the institutionalization of street-art at the beginning of the 20th century, but we are in 1989.

moore mur de rennesmoore mur de rennes

Moore finds particular interest in the lettering and calligraphy of the tag. ” When I started, the goal was to find his name and write it everywhere in an original and aesthetic way. The trend was to develop your style and stand out from the crowd. »Mourad then becomes Moore:« My name is Mourad so Moore, it’s not very original », He amuses himself to say.

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Listening to him speak, we quickly understand that this story is written in close connection with his passion for drawing. This word will come up over and over again in the discussion, and with enthusiasm. It is important to him and what motivates him. ” I have always drawn even if, at the beginning, there was not a direct relationship with the graffiti ».

After marking “ school tables, walls and hallways », Moore attacks the city walls. Some are on mission all day, a marker or bombs at hand, ready to draw, “You had to put it everywhere », But that’s not what really interests the future graffiti artist. He follows the movement and “places” one or two tags depending on the location. ” Finding my style was really what kicked me, having fun writing letters that I liked and were out of the ordinary. He vaguely remembers his first striking graffiti, in a former abandoned Ouest-France warehouse. ” At the time, we weren’t sure of ourselves. I had traced the letters and we had filled in with a friend… I must have made the outlines, but I don’t really remember. »

moore street-art rennesmoore street-art rennes

« Some said that graffiti brought together both night creation, in vandal fashion, as well as that in the field, that is to say painting in spaces, vacant lots, more or less tolerated. Others claimed on the contrary this vandal side and considered that without it, you were not a graffiti artist. »

The art of Moore begins at a time when the illegality of the practice is not brought to the fore. This feature comes later, ” when there was the fashion where everyone had to be mean. We had to claim the fact that we shouldn’t laugh with us “, He emphasizes with humor. But the Rennes artist is closer to the movement of the beginning of hip hop, who arrived in France in the early 1980s. He follows artists like UNITY

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He also admits to quickly feeling frustrated, “ I didn’t think I was good enough compared to my friends ». In constant search of his own style, he discovers giant frescoes with characters, sets and lettering worked in the magazines he reads, which paves the way for his own style.

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