Covid vaccination is reactivated after the holidays due to fear of the new Kraken variant and infections in China

The vaccination against covid-19 se ha reactivated after the holidays. The return to normal schedules and the fear of new variants after the explosion of infections in China and the news about the rapid expansion of the sublineage of omicron XB.1.5. in the United States (known as Kraken) are helping it.

This is confirmed by the latest report of the Ministry of Health about the progress of the fourth dose among those over 60 years of age: en this last week there has been doubled the growth rate vaccination coverage, at least among those over 80 years of age. If during the Christmas weeks barely 0.7% coverage of the population was gained (which meant vaccinating some 1,400 elderly people each week), in the latter coverage has grown by 1.5% and 2,546 seniors have been immunized.

With them there are already vaccinated with the second booster dose against covid a 69.49% of those over 80 years of age, seven out of ten. The figure is still below the Spanish average and below what the experts wanted for this campaign, hence they do not ceases calls to protect yourself with this fourth dose which is already formulated for the latest omicron variants.

Vaccination points without appointment

“Yes it is noticing some more animation and of interest in vaccination”, have explained sources from the health administration. opening of vaccination points without appointment It is helping to attract those people who have not yet received the fourth or one of the doses against covid or the flu vaccine, although they are few, in relation to the number of health areas. So this week they’ve been vaccinating without an appointment at the General Hospital of Castelló and in the Doctor Balmis Hospital in Alicante (where they keep a tent open all this month).

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In it department of San Juan They are going to do an open day today, Saturday, in nine health centers and in the department of Gandia They are sending SMS to neighbors between the ages of 50 and 64 to quote them. and in the Dénia health departmentanother five health centers will hold an open day today to immunize against the flu, since the objective of immunizing 75% of the elderly has not yet been achieved.

This revival of the campaign it has not been noticed, however, in the rest of the age groups that they may be further compromised if they are infected with the coronavirus. In people between 70 and 79 years of age, it has barely been noticed and 64.07% of those over this age have been vaccinated and among those over sixty, only four out of ten, 41.47%.

Less sick in hospitals

This week the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health have once again requested that vaccination be promoted with these adapted vaccines, especially among the “most vulnerable”. The insistence is also given by the concern caused by the boom in cases in China: the same variants that are here are circulating there, but the more possibilities the virus is given to reproduce, the more it can mutate.

For now, the evolution of the pandemic is good and although it is in the middle of winter there is not a marked upturn in cases. In fact, Since December the flu has exceeded the covid in cases. According to the latest bulletin from the Ministry of Health, the cases registered among the elderly have decreased again and in the Hospitals have admitted 285 people (due to covid and coid), 22 of them in the ICU. They are 50 less than last week. Of course, the covid continues to leave deaths weekly: 22 in the last days and there are 10,325 deaths in the pandemic.

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