Covid: contagions still on, +5,724, 29 dead. Cts emergency meeting – Health

Coronavirus infections continue to grow in Italy. In the last 24 hours the positives have increased by 5,724 (yesterday they were 5,372), with 29 deaths (yesterday 28). This is what emerges from the data of the Ministry of Health. The swabs were 133,084, a new record (yesterday 129,471). Among the regions, Lombardy records 1,140 new positives, Campania 664.

There are 1,100 new infected in Lombardy. This is what the regional councilor for Welfare, Guido Gallera, communicated on the sidelines of a Forza Italia conference in Milan. For Gallera, “what has been happening in recent days is a strong growth in positives, presumably linked to back to school, social life, since early September: people have returned to the office and this has led to 1100 positives, but the the number of intensive care units is the same as yesterday and the number of hospitalized patients increased by about twenty people “.

Record increase of cases also in Tuscany since the beginning of the pandemic. Compared to yesterday they increased by 548, with a percentage growth of 3.2. It is the first time that Tuscany exceeds 500 daily cases. Already yesterday with 483 the maximum peak reached during the emergency phase, equal to 406 recorded on April 2, was exceeded. In total in Tuscany since the beginning of the epidemic there have been 17,643 infections and the currently positive ones are 5,640, + 10% compared to yesterday. The tests performed reached 828,114, 11,237 more than yesterday. There are 190 hospitalized (20 more than yesterday), of which 30 in intensive care (stable). Today there are no new deaths.

An urgent meeting of the Scientific Technical Committee, which the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza should also attend, is been called for tomorrow. On the table of experts, according to what is learned, there would be the surge in infections in the last week and the ability of the system to test cases.

“We are not yet out of the most difficult phase. We must strongly maintain all the security measures with determination, in order to continue to have even lower numbers than those registered in other European countries,” he said. Speranza, in a video intervention at the final works of the meeting on ‘Post Covid-19 health‘ at the Bellini theater in Catania.

“Those who argue that prevention measures are only snares and snares are saying enormous nonsense. Only a safe country can run faster and restart with more energy and determination”, added the Minister of Health.

“The key word is proximity, with a health system that approaches the real problems of people. A bottom-up network. We must do it all together. We must build a great Country Pact – added Speranza – because the future of our country passes through the its national health system “

“The lesson of the Coronavirus tells us that the national health system is the most important thing we have. We have to start investing again. For too many years, healthcare spending has been penalized. Today the virus allows us to change gears,” continued Speranza. “We are only at the beginning – he added – and we must use all the tools we have to put fuel in the national health system”.

“The measures count but what is really decisive are and remain the behavior of the people – added Speranza -. I think that science in a suitable time will give us encouraging answers. I am optimistic I am not pessimistic, the battle is humanity However, soon it does not mean tomorrow morning or even in a few weeks but in all probability in the first part of 2021. So we have a phase of resistance and coexistence where unfortunately we do not yet have the vaccine, we do not yet have decisive treatments and therefore in these months I will never tire of saying that people’s behaviors are the real essential key: masks, distance and hand washing are the weapons we have “.

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