Cheers as Trump pays final tribute to Ginsburg

US Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died last Friday at the age of 87. With the death of the liberal and progressive figurehead, the way is cleared for Trump to appoint a new conservative chief justice to the highest court. In that case, a 6 to 3 majority would be in favor of Republican positions. The court rules on matters such as abortion and the right to bear a weapon.

Donald Trump and Bill and Hillary Clinton, among others, paid their last tribute to Ginsburg in the Supreme Court in Washington today. Some bystanders shouted “vote him out” as Trump saluted the casket.

Trump has announced his choice on Saturday. It is the Senate that decides on the appointment. The Republicans have a majority in this.

Ginsburg herself is said to have said on her deathbed that a decision on her succession should only be made after the elections on November 3. Demonstrators called on Trump at the declared Ginsburg to respect her dying wish.

View the images here:

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