Compensation for victims of infection and mandatory visits in specific cases … Details of the AIDS prevention regulation approved by the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Ministry of Health has announced an executive regulation for the prevention of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

The ministry explained that the regulation aims to combat the disease, respect the patient’s rights and clarify his obligations to contribute to his treatment and prevent the transmission of the disease to others, stressing the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of patient information, and obliging him to follow the preventive instructions decided by the health authorities.

The Ministry plans to present the regulation for the survey on the “Estisa’a” platform of the National Competitiveness Center on Sunday (Sunday), the main points of which are listed below:

Goals of the system

The system aims to classify “AIDS” as an infectious disease and to implement the procedures and measures provided by the system and its regulations to prevent it, preserve the rights of the infected and their contacts and clarify their duties.

Provide medical assistance

The regulation stated that health authorities provide diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients and patients with AIDS and that all medical personnel must provide the appropriate medical care available to them for these patients and assistance is not limited to specialized centers only. .

Punishment for abstention from patient service

The regulation stressed that surgery, anesthesia, endoscopy, dental care or any other necessary procedure, whether emergency or routine, for patients with infection and AIDS, should not be refused, while adopting the necessary preventive precautions to prevent disease.

There is no abortion for the injured woman .. and the fetus is treated

The regulation provides for the necessary health care to be provided to the infected pregnant woman and her fetus, and she is not allowed to abort or deprive her of custody or care of her children due to her injury.

Seats at school

The regulation stipulated that education authorities, in coordination with the National AIDS Control Program, must adopt adequate mechanisms that allow infected people to continue education at all levels so as to ensure their schooling in the same public schools. and private schools where the general public is present in the community, and these education authorities have no right to impede their right to education or to continue it.

The regulation confirmed that the injured person has the right to carry out all the appropriate professions according to the criteria indicated by the national program, and it is not allowed to prevent him from working because of his injury, and the labor authority has the right to take measures precautionary measures and measures to preserve the rights of resellers and limit the spread of the disease.

Mandatory HIV test

The regulations specify the cases in which HIV testing is imposed, and include candidates for civilian and military health care institutions and institutions, candidates for positions held by health personnel, candidates for military positions, premarital examinations and pregnant women, any case that the Minister believes he is included in the examination in coordination with the Saudi Health Council.

It also clarified the cases that need to be investigated to make sure they are free from virus infection, including people who exhibit signs or symptoms of AIDS or behaviors with which they might become infected with the acquired immunodeficiency virus, or when they donate blood and its derivatives, bone marrow and organs, or before the issuance of the residence permit for expatriates in the Kingdom, and the offender The victim in case of rape.

The regulation also provides that the Ministry of Health take the necessary measures to examine those who arrive in the Kingdom with the intention of working or staying there. This is to ensure that they are free from infection and groups that come for reasons other than work, study or residence are excluded from the exam.

compensation of the patient

The regulation stipulated that victims of virus infection or disease due to an intentional or accidental infection could; Apply for compensation for the injured damage, and whoever intentionally transmits the infection to others or intentionally transmits the disease to others is required to compensate.

Deportation of the injured resident

The regulation provides that in the event that an expatriate residing in the Kingdom is diagnosed with the disease, the national program will assess their state of health, the risks to public health and will recommend the need or not for expulsion, providing health care according to the system. during his stay in the Kingdom.

Residents infected with HIV and who do not claim special rights, after the liquidation of their rights, are immediately expelled to their countries or any other country of their choice, and cases of people infected with this disease are urgently considered.

Imprisonment and fine

The regulation provides that a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand riyals, or imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years, or both, is imposed in the event that the necessary health care is not provided to the infected pregnant woman and her fetus, or if is forced to have an abortion or is deprived of the custody or care of her children because of an infected person, or if the health authorities have disclosed the patient’s information, or if the injured person has not complied with health guidelines for treating him and preventing his transmission of infection.

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