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Comedian Jeong Ju-ri’s Weight Loss Success with Water Diet and Weight Training

[셀럽헬스] Comedian Jeong Ju-ri’s diet

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Comedian Jeong Ju-ri said that she lost weight by drinking 3 liters of water a day along with weight training. [사진=정주리 유튜브 영상 캡처]Comedian Jeong Ju-ri succeeded in losing 8 kg in one month.

On the 3rd, the YouTube channel ‘Jeong Ju-ri’ said, ‘Successful loss of 8 kg in one month! A video titled ‘A surprising change that came to Juri’s’ was posted. Joo-ri Jeong said, “I started (dieting) on ​​March 5th, so it’s been less than a month,” and that she is “getting rid of the swelling now.”

He said, “It’s different from the diet I used to do,” and “I’m doing weight training. “I’m lifting weights these days,” he said. He also expressed satisfaction with the success of the diet, saying, “I quit drinking carbonated drinks and drinking 3 liters of water,” and “People say that their complexion has improved a lot.”

Drinking water before meals helps prevent overeating.

Quitting sugary sodas, doing weight training, and burning calories are things that can easily come to mind if you are on a diet. But will drinking a lot of water, as practiced by Jeong Ju-ri, help with weight loss?

A research team at Queen’s University in Canada divided obese men and women into two groups and had the first group eat a low-calorie meal and control their meal size, while the second group was asked to control their meal size and drink about 500 mL of water before meals.

After 12 weeks, the first group lost 5 to 8 kg, and the second group lost 7 to 10 kg. It was revealed that the group that drank water before meals consumed an average of 40 to 200 kcal less than the group that did not drink water. Drinking water before a meal fills the stomach with water, creates a feeling of fullness, and reduces calorie intake.

Also, when you drink water, energy is consumed in the process of digesting and heating the water that enters the body. A study by a research team at the Franz-Wolhardt Clinical Research Center in Germany showed that drinking 500 mL of water temporarily increases metabolism by 24-30%.

However, drinking a lot of water during or immediately after a meal dilutes gastric juice and interferes with digestion, so it is best to drink water 2 hours after a meal. Elderly people or patients with kidney disease, whose kidneys have a reduced ability to dilute urine, should be careful not to increase their water intake arbitrarily. The appropriate daily water intake is generally 2.5 to 3 liters for adult men and 2 to 2.5 liters for adult women.

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