Chronology of a 26-year-old woman with chronic kidney failure, thought she had stomach pain


Viral, a woman with the initials DN (26), shared her story about her struggle against chronic kidney failure. DN revealed the initial symptoms felt in the form of sluggishness.

“Initially, the symptoms were around the end of 2020. When I was focusing on the thesis, I suddenly started to feel sick. It was accompanied by nausea and tingling throughout my body,” said DN to detik.comWednesday (3/8/2022).

However, over time the symptoms continued to develop until his face slightly swelled up. DN also has hypertension which can worsen his symptoms.



“Then in February 2021, nausea, vomiting, tingling, but more intense. I thought it was from the stomach, when I checked it turned out differently,” he added.

“March 2021 the diagnosis of CKD or chronic kidney failure was conveyed by the doctor to me and my parents,” he said.

After the doctor diagnosed the woman with the initials DN with chronic kidney failure, she immediately did hemodialysis or dialysis to immediately remove toxins in her body.

“After that, I just had a catheter operation for CAPD (continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis) and until now I’m using CAPD. Now I feel better, sometimes I can do activities and don’t look like a critical patient, but sometimes my condition drops,” explained the woman. the.

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