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Carcassonne vs. Tarbes Rugby Match: Preview, Lineups, and Injuries

Carcassonne without pressure but not without ambition

The Carcassonnais, who are in second place behind their Aude cousins ​​Narbonne, come without pressure to Tarbes. So far the relegated from Pro D2 are in their sporting objectives by being in the Top 6. Carcassonnais, undefeated in the City, against Suresnes (21-14), Chambéry (20-16), Massy (22-9) , Albi (13-6), Vienne (57-5) but who travel less well. Apart from Bourg-en-Bresse (10-12) and Bourgoin (12-18), the Audois lost to Blagnac (34-33), Nice (38-10) and Périgueux (17-5). Which is rather good for a team which is discovering the National and its tough ground battles which are not as well supervised as in Pro D2. Carcassonne’s intentions are revealed by the headlines in the Aude press: “US Carcassonne attacks the Pyrenees”. With cycling metaphors comparing the match against Vienna to a plain stage and that of Tarbes to a mountain stage without a “Col Hors Category”. To be honest, the Carcassonnais are wary of a two-faced but “strong” Tarbes team at home. Eric Escribano, who knows the Tarbais well and holds them in high esteem, spread the message. All the more easily since the confident and conquering people of Narbonne paid to know it.

Carcassonne sends heavy

A trip that Carcassonne takes seriously given the team lined up, which with the exception of the suspended Graham, is the best at the moment. The staff chose to put six forwards on the bench, proof that the Bigourdan forwards are respected but also because the Audois are decimated behind. The staff made only three changes compared to the Vienna Group with the exits of Ezigiano, Akhobadze, and Arnold, replaced by Guyot, Fadli and Narmania.

Carcassonne : 1 Ursache, 2 Carbou, 3 Narmania, 4 Manchia (Cap), 5 Fontaine, 6 Guyot, 8 Fearns, 7 Herjean, 9 Pichon, 10 Michet, 11 Darrelatour, 12 Vaea Vaea, 13 Puletua, 14 Bureitakiyaca, 15 Gianet.

Substitutes : 16 Petriashvili, 17 Fl. Lorenzo, 18 Iftimiciuc, 19 Fadli, 20 Landajo, 21 Anon, 22 Seth, 23 Fa. Lawrence

Capital match for the Tarbais

After No. 1 Narbonne, Tarbes welcomes No. 2 Carcassonne, the other Aude club in the Pool, and must win otherwise they find themselves in an unfortunate position with two trips to follow to Suresnes (December 2) and to Chambéry (December 9). Tarbes, which has just taken a big slap in the face at Hyères-Carqueiranne (29-5) and conceded an offensive bonus to a direct opponent for maintenance, already finds its back against the wall. After a big tantrum in the locker room in Hyères, President Terré was at it again Monday morning before the start of training. It is true that after the superb performance against Narbonne the non-match at Hyères-Carqueiranne was disconcerting and annoying. For the President it is above all a question of commitment. “I told them I couldn’t tolerate behavior like that. This lack of external investment is not acceptable. I told them things… The rotations are over, it’s the best who will play. »

We have to grow up

In Trélut, apart from the match against Nice, the Tarbais have always responded. This time, more than a slap like against Albi, receiving an offensive bonus against Hyères is as humiliating as losing in Vienna. However, each time against Périgueux and against Bourg-en-Bresse, the Tarbais knew how to react. Nicolas Cabanne also cannot explain the non-match in the Var where the Tarbais, under the sun, had swapped the “Bleu de Chauffe” for Bermuda shorts. ” It’s incomprehensible. We suffered the domination of Hyères without reaction in the first half. Taking 24-0 in forty minutes, when you intend to have a good match and a good result, it is not acceptable. From the start of the match we missed tackles and commitment was lacking. We can’t hope for anything by putting so little into it. » The coach is looking for explanations for this double face at Trélut and on the road. “We are working to be more consistent, to realize that all matches are important, that we have to perform well all the time. » For the former scrum-half it may be a question of youth. “We have to grow up. This Group is young in appearance, in age and experience. There are players who are not used to matching as much at this level and who need to become more consistent. »

Players want to prove their worth

This match against Carcassonne is almost vital, given that the Tarbais lost, in Vienna and Hyères-Carqueiranne, the opportunity to regain the points lost against Nice at home. “Yes, we have the knife at our throat but like all home matches, we prepare to win. We want to win and I feel like I’m doing the same interviews every two weeks (laughs…). The week of preparation was complete. We had a lot of pressure. The President set the record straight this week, staff and players included. There is awareness and players want to prove their value individually and collectively. » Carcassonne, despite the large renewal of its workforce, remains a high-level team, as proven by its second place. “It’s a mix of young people and experienced players who have experienced the level above. It’s a team that has big strengths in conquest and defense. It is a team which is precise and which is of high level for this National Championship. We’re going to have to have a very, very, big match. Not the perfect match because it doesn’t exist

Return of Armary, Manu and Rolland, absences of Méric and Fuertes

If Anthony Méric (ankle) and Anthony Fuertes (contusion) are absent due to injuries, the other absences are due to choices. In all, the Narbonne Group has undergone eight changes. Anthony Méric, Anthony Fuertes, even Antoine Bousquet, are out due to injuries and the others due to rotations or choices. Alexis Armary, Felipe Manu and Francis Rolland are returning from injuries, Alexandre Duny is returning from military selection, while Mickaël Thébault, Mathieu Berbizier, Mees Erasmus and Pierre Descoubet are returning to the Group.

Tarbes : 1 Erasmus, 2 Lamothe, 3 Taufa, 4 Rolland, 5 Peytavi, 6 Armary (Cap.), 8 Massyn, 7 Saint-Guilhem, 9 Dulucq, 10 Berbizier, 11 Paulet, 12 Nasoko, 13 Latorre, 14 Rawaca, 15 Camou

Substitutes : 16 Mondon, 17 Palisse, 18 Seuvou, 19 Manu, 20 Thébault, 21 Descoubet, 22 Trotta, 23 Duny

News : Anthony Fuertes (pain behind the knee), Anthony Meric (ankle) joined the long-term injured in the infirmary, Jonathan Duffau (crossed) and Dorian Bonnin (menisci and cruciates).

Vincent Dolier is in recovery.

Antoine Bousquet (shot to the shoulder) participated in the set-up as did Jon Tuva (family obligations)

Jean-Jacques Lasserre

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