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Bulgaria’s Justice System Stuck in Racketeering Schemes, Says Journalist Slavi Angelov

Justice in Bulgaria is completely stuck and needs a radical change. We are not for Schengen, as much as I love it. This is what the journalist from “24 Chasa” Slavi Angelov told NOVA.

“Greek businessmen, representatives of the owner of Sofia Ring Mall and IKEA were blackmailed by Martin Bojanov’s group,” he added.

Angelov said that he is not optimistic that the racketeering schemes will be revealed. The journalist pointed out that it is “wrong to explain that the schemes are judicial”. In his words, “these are state racketeering schemes, as they involve government officials from various institutions who can create problems for people”.

“It is about mediators who always have one person at a very high level in the state who gives them their back. From there on, they use a large palette of employees in tax offices, in KPCONPI, in Dans, the prosecutor’s office, the court”. The journalist pointed out that the result of this is that “the entire state machine works for private structures, but for the citizens”.

Angelov said that the Greek businessmen who were subjected to racketeering contacted him at the beginning of the summer. The journalist added that they wanted to consult him because of problems with the justice system in Bulgaria. The guest pointed out that the meeting between them did not take place then, but he believes that the murder of the Notary prompted the businessmen to initiate one. “I told them that telling their story would protect them and unblock certain events rather than harm them,” added the guest.

The journalist is of the opinion that Martin Bojanov, Petar Petrov and Velimir Atanasov worked together. He believes that at some point there was a rift not only between them, but also in the upper echelons of power. “From the facts that the businessmen gave me, it can be concluded that Velimir Atanasov stands at a higher level than the Notary,” said Angelov.

The journalist also told about the case with the Greek businessman and shipping magnate John Koustas, who claims to be a victim of the scheme of Martin Bojanov and lawyer Velimir Atanasov.

Angelov expressed pessimism that there will be a change in Bulgaria, as it is “very difficult to untangle something that you have entangled yourself”.

The journalist pointed out that “there is no political force that carries the capacity for change within itself”. According to him, the only way for change to happen is through public pressure, but this will take time.

Angelov pointed out that when he finds out that a National Assembly commission is being formed on a given case, this means that this problem will not be solved.

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