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Bryant Park: Skating Rink, ‘Winter Willage’ and Other Attractions

Bryant Park’s ‘Winter Village’ is a European-inspired open-air market, with a variety of shops and businesses where you can purchase products and items made by artisans from New York and around the world.

Stores are located in custom-designed “jewel box” kiosks along the promenades, plazas and terraces of Bryant Park.

One of the biggest attractions are the “Cozy Igloos”, ideal for having fun with friends and family, and enjoying festive food and drinks.

In the “Cozy Igloos” you can buy packages for groups of up to 4 people… or for groups of 5 to 8 people, with meals, snacks and drinks included.

Another popular attraction at Bryant Park is the Ice Skating Rink, which is 17,000 square feet.

The rink is open daily during the Winter Village season, offering a variety of free skating shows and events.

Admission is free but we recommend making reservations.

“December tickets for The Rink @BankofAmerica Winter Village are now available ✨🎄⛸️!

“Click the link to book your session today 💚,” reads a social media message from Bryant Park.

If you don’t have skates, you can rent them for between $18 and $55, and you can save money if you go during off-peak hours.

Protective helmets are free and you can buy socks for six dollars. The “premium” package is also offered, for a minimum of $155, and includes skates, snacks, drinks, extra time on the rink and much more.

For more information visit the page bryantpark.org


The origami tree at the Natural History Museum is another attraction to enjoy at your leisure during the holiday season.

This annual tradition is in its 52nd year and recently opened under the theme ‘Proboscidians on Parade’, coinciding with the exhibition ‘The Secret World of Elephants’, currently being presented by the museum.


The tree is about 13 feet tall and was designed by international volunteers, in collaboration with the NGO Origami USA.

In your free time, leave the house and enjoy the multiple attractions that our city offers during this holiday season. You will not regret it!

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