Borissov: Corruption under Radev has reached record levels, foreign companies are leaving the country

Boyko Borisov

GERB, like the MRF, also plans to complain in Brussels about the president’s caretaker government

On September 13, 2017, Radev said: Corruption can be seen in the collapse of foreign investment. However, this year – 2021, the BNB reported a record collapse in foreign investment. In other words, Radev’s corruption has reached record levels. By July 2021, foreign direct investment in the country decreased by 63.7% compared to the same period last year. Foreign companies sell their businesses to Bulgarian companies and withdraw from the country. This is the change.

This was commented by the leader of GERB Boyko Borisov after the end of the meeting of The National Executive Council of Women-GERB, but a new leadership was elected.

That’s why I always ask what they did successfully: a recovery plan – zero, Borissov said. He stressed that the aviation aid was suspended due to the changes in the state budget.

I hope that those who continue with this brutal treatment of their political opponents, because we are not one or two parties anymore, anyone who turns against them, will start persecution. It was only heard in the many predictions that the media make about Professor Baltov, because you saw what persecution is every day, and let the respected media excuse me, but until the last day we will not nominate a candidate, no matter how much they ask. After today’s speeches of the caretaker Minister Minekov, who would chase the first political force from its offices, from the headquarters … ahem, it is constitutional. The caretaker government has to hold only fair elections, and they are not fair. Because they did not accept, neither to count the receipts, nor to provide them. Just to remind him, because they do not observe the constitution that there is one text of the law – Art. 31 of the Law on Political Parties, we comply with it, stop lying. If they want to come with Rashkov to evict people from the offices, we will also acquaint Brussels, perhaps the LIBE commission, with the atrocities of the caretaker government, Borissov threatened.

Hundreds of women are attending today’s meeting and don’t know if they will have a headquarters, because that’s how someone liked it. And he is not someone – Radev sends him Minekov, Radev sends him his bat Rashkov. They can’t win elections anymore. Repression, so now they want to get hold of the presidential candidate to deal with him before he has immunity. This is the dawn, he was adamant.

Let’s see how the rule of law is made. It is not clear how it changed, who made it and why. This is a change in Ravedsky. Lobbying texts in the budget update. That’s why it was this dawn. With these prices of electricity and gas, we must forget about vegetable production, he stressed. Borissov also said that he was about to

240 deputies plus the whole administration go without masks in the parliament and issue orders for people to go with masks, and they God’s chosen people go without masks and then they want the National Assembly to have authority, and you will suffocate with these masks here, Katsarov goes without a mask, indignant Borisov.

I envied the Prime Minister of Norway. They bought the same vaccine as us, and today they are freeing their people from KOVID-10. Bulgaria has been the first in terms of mortality for weeks, no measures have been taken. When we were the first in terms of mortality in just one day, this was the leading news of all the media. We have been leading the death rate for weeks now and this is no longer news, the GERB leader continued.



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