Bordeaux March 28 Demonstration Sparks Concern Among Residents Over Potential Violence

In Bordeaux, from her hairdressing salon, Manon can clearly make out the charred door located about thirty meters from her window. Not really enough to reassure her: “Of course we are very afraid. We’re afraid to close, we’re afraid of everything that’s going to happen, of being gassed, it’s still quite violent. I don’t feel protected, because we are not necessarily informed, it is a bit at the last minute. There is not enough authority to prevent this kind of thing, since the violence is still there.”

A little further on, Joey and Mickaël, they both work in a restaurant on Place Pey-Berland: “Basically, there were no police. They arrived very quickly, after ten minutes, with firefighters.”

As for the inhabitants of the district, they seem completely incredulous in front of this sad spectacle of a blackened and cracked door: “Incomprehensible. I find it disturbing, because it proves that there is an enormous rise in the graduation of this violence.

From noon, the demonstrations will pass very close to the Bordeaux City Hall, this time an important device should be deployed.

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