Biden visits flooded New Orleans

Power supply is promised to be restored within a week

To help residents of the disaster-stricken state of Louisiana, $ 100 million was allocated – $ 500 each.

US President Joe Biden visits Hurricane Ida-affected New Orleans, reports NBC News.

The President announced that each Louisiana resident received $ 500 in one-time aid. A total of 100 million was spent for these purposes.

Biden also ordered the use of the country’s strategic oil reserve. This will avoid fuel shortages in hurricane-hit areas.

In addition, the head of the White House recalled his proposal to modernize the country’s infrastructure. In his opinion, this plan will help improve preparedness to withstand natural disasters in the future.

Local authorities promise to restore the city’s electricity supply by September 8.

Entergy, which supplies electricity to New Orleans and much of southeast Louisiana, said more than 25,000 workers from 40 states are trying to fix 14,000 damaged power towers, more than 2,200 damaged transformers and other infrastructure.

Authorities have warned residents, who had previously evacuated and are now planning to return to their homes, that they should be prepared to live without electricity, without running water, with limited access to mobile communications and almost no gasoline.

Recall the number of victims of hurricane Ida doubled in the USA and reached 46 people. Most people died in their cars when they were suddenly hit by streams of water.

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