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Battle Over Foreign Office Control Enters New Phase: Leadership Clash and Potential Concession

“Change” let the caustic member of the leadership attack the partners for wanting more posts and more party members in them

The battle over who will speak to the world and take control of the Foreign Office after the rotation in March has entered a new phase.

“What we agreed on 9 months ago is that the rotation should be swapped – Maria Gabriel to be prime minister and Denkov to be minister of education. We have only one ministry in this cabinet – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If they don’t want her to remain prime minister and minister, we will nominate another foreign minister

in the ministry where we have agreed with them.”

This compromise option was announced by GERB leader Boyko Borisov less than 24 hours after he outlined as the only option for Gabriel to combine the post of Prime Minister with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and for Nikolay Denkov to be a special Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education. Do it minutes past 9 o’clock.

But an hour before Borisov announced a possible slight concession, the former spokeswoman of the “Petkov” cabinet Lena Borislavova, who is also part of the leadership of “We continue the change”, cited the report of “24 Chasa” that the two posts are compatible only in Qatar, Fiji and Samoa. Therefore, he insisted that Denkov-Gabriel continue on a “mirror rotation principle” after March 6 and that the current prime minister take over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Borislavova emphasized that for the rotation, only External was on the negotiation table.

“This conversation that is currently taking place is a public suffering from a Spitz command – a typical Gerber manner in an attempt to publicly blow everything up. The behavior of GERB – public whining – has two interpretations. The first is to bring the state into elections. And the second, that appetite comes with eating – I know there are different names that are put on the table, including

their bright names, former ministers”,

Lena Borislavova was harsh in an interview with Nova TV. Daniel Mitov was immediately talked about on the sidelines of the parliament.

GERB are ready for elections, but this is incorrect, Borisov answered her and was visibly irritated by Borislavova’s interpretations of his meeting with Petkov and Peevski.

“They are also impure in the story of the meetings, taking maximum advantage of the DPS, they want to say that I brought him, and they have such a personal friendship,” he commented (see the friendship with the DPS on page 4)

Borisov still does not see an option to break the assembly and go to elections. And as a confirmation of this, he announced that they are willing to give up the pre-arranged review of regional governors after the rotation, so that GERB will get more seats to the existing 9. If this will create tension in the administration, we will not do it, he promised.

Borislavova’s thesis that in reality only Vutsno remained on the negotiating table was confirmed by Delyan Peevski, mentioned both by her and by Borisov. Good Euro-Atlantic governance cannot be ruined because of one thing, he scolded on Wednesday. At the time, however, he was adamant that the ministry belonged to GERB, and on Thursday he further developed the thesis: “Yesterday I only said that it is unreasonable for one minister, in this case an external one, not to allow the rotation to happen.

The PPs must live through it, that they wrote it down, that they will not get this minister,

because they don’t deserve it. GERB has only one ministry – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Borisov, as the leader of GERB, can decide who will be a minister”, said the leader of the DPS deputies. And whether he will be inclined to make a concession if it is not Gabriel is up to Borisov, explained Peevski.

Unlike the leader of GERB, who does not see an option now to go to the elections, Peevski does not see this as a problem, for which the DPS is prepared. They would even enjoy a 2 in 1 vote – pre-term parliamentary together with the European ones, he commented.

But with Borislavova’s morning TV appearance, the subsequent reply from Borissov’s parliament and Peevski’s addition 10 minutes later, the topic was not closed at all. None of the PP leaders got involved, but Lena did it again. Shortly after 1 p.m., she took to Facebook to comment on the comments of the GERB and DPS leaders.

“Now is not the time for upheavals, nor for new ultimatums. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not a reserved province, and it was never agreed that it would remain for GERB forever,” insisted Borislavova. And explained that

the successful Denkov-Gabriel team should continue to represent

Bulgaria outside, and GERB to “maintain their control over External through the parliamentary foreign commission”. The Chairman of the External Committee of the National Assembly is Boyko Borisov.

Kiril Petkov, on the other hand, is in charge of the EU, the Schengen Area and the Eurozone, and as such was, for example, at the last economic meeting in Davos. If PP-DB fail to gain access to Vutchno, this will remain one of their few “outlets” on the international field.

At 5:30 p.m., the Speaker of the National Assembly, Rosen Zhelyazkov, ended the day. “Who is Lena Borislavova? I do not think that for persons who have no qualities we can reason on what has been said. I don’t think individuals who are not involved in meetings and formats, including myself, can make claims. It is best that the leaders of the parties take a stand on the topics being discussed. If there is no solution, the meeting was a working one. What has not been decided, has not been announced”, he commented shortly after his return from Ukraine.

Zhelyazkov supported the thesis that Gabriel should combine two posts, and if not – GERB should also get a foreign minister after the rotation.


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