Badr bin Saud comments on the rain wave and torrential rains Jeddah city has witnessed…and proposes this project so that the disaster does not happen again!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The writer, Dr. Badr bin Saud commented on the shocking rain situation that the city of Jeddah has seen recently, revealing the most important solutions to deal with the heavy rains that have been applied to “Nogales”.

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Badr bin Saud said in his article titled “A Tale of Two Cities: Jeddah and Nogales” published in the newspaper “Okaz”: “The city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was subjected to a shocking rain wave, the November 24 and 25, and the competent authorities have estimated the amount at about 182 mm, especially in the eastern region of Jeddah, and the number is high compared to the rains of 2009 and 2011, which ranged between 74 mm and 111 mm. developments”.

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He specified: “The amendments, even if simple, will affect the whole city, and among the examples is what the Municipality has said, through its rapporteur, that the rainwater drainage network covers only 20% of the city of Jeddah, and the indication of the presence of 15 precautionary dams, which in theory would have been avoided”. it rains, and the first explains the large number of maintenance work in it, since a mistake in one place will lead to a greater mistake in another.

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He explained, “The water drainage file in Jeddah started with engineer Muhammad Al-Farsi in 1979, which is 43 years ago, at a cost of $133 million, and it was rotated after Al-Farsi and before by Saleh Al-Turki of 5 trustees, so much so that its declared costs have reached almost 9 billion dollars in one year. The tragedy is still present and recurring, but the solutions are not far away, and among the proofs there is a city of border called (Nogales) shared by the Mexican states of Sonora and American Louisiana, and when this city is swept by a heavy wave of rain, it is noticed that the Mexican part of it drowns and the American part leaves it quickly and in record time, although the city is the same and the amount of rain has not changed, Jubail Industrial City in the Kingdom is a model experience and can be employed according to the needs of the city of Jeddah.

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And he added, “More than 30 kilometers of the urban area of ​​Jeddah city consists of the Sea of ​​Mardom, and the valleys were close to the sea before human interventions, and in order for the situation to return to its former state, the matter, according to experts, it requires the construction of a 65-kilometre long water channel to receive the region’s rain and torrent water.” disposal in North Obhur, and the water channel can be included in the Central Jeddah Company’s projects, and benefit from it as a new waterfront, circumnavigating the city from north to south, increasing waterway capacity from 60mm to 100mm At a minimum, allocate lane posts to sort silt, plankton and trash, so as to avoid obstruction internal canals and the filling of streets with water.

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He continued: “In addition to the Environment Ministry’s focus on strategic rainwater storage, and forcing the public and private sectors, business owners and ordinary house dwellers, to put tanks in their buildings to conserve rainwater, and in the way it forces in Riyadh’s diplomatic quarter”.

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