Quddous Al-Ghani is hard on Al-Shamson Al-Korean .. and a ‘red card’ due to a corner kick

Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez has threatened Argentine national team captain and football legend Lionel Messi, accusing him of disrespecting his country.ESPN“.

A video clip showed Messi and his fellow Argentines celebrating in the dressing room after Saturday’s two-goal victory over Mexico in Group C matches at the World Cup in Qatar.

As Messi cheered along with his teammates, he took off his shoe and appeared to kick the shirt of one of the Mexican players who was down.

The Argentina captain had swapped shirts with his Mexican counterpart, Andres Guardado.

Alvares, who has won the world championship in four weight divisions throughout his career, believed Messi’s actions were intentional and tweeted on his Twitter account: “Have you seen Messi mopping the floor with our shirt and flag ?” He added in another tweet, “Better pray to God you don’t find him.” “.

Many fans around the world were quick to point out that Messi was only taking off his shoes when he accidentally touched the Mexican shirt.

Others have urged the boxer not to encourage violence and take things out of context.

Alvarez (32), considered one of the best boxers of his generation, has argued with many people, including journalists, saying: “Because I respect Argentina, Mexico must be respected. I’m not talking about the country but about Messi and the stupid thing that did”.

The boxer defended his claims that he considered it an insult to have Mexico’s jersey on the ground.

But the former Argentina striker, Sergio Aguero, wanted to clarify things and replied to the boxer on Twitter saying: “Mr. Canelo, don’t look for excuses or problems, you know nothing about football and what happens in the dressing room. “

He added: “The jerseys are always on the ground after matches due to sweat, and then if you look closely, Messi was taking off his shoe and accidentally hit the jersey.”

Messi scored the opener against Mexico in the match, keeping alive Argentina’s hopes of qualifying for the second round after a shocking 2-1 early loss to Saudi Arabia.

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