“Audi” crashed head-on into a bus, there are dead

A photo from Facebook shows the tragic incident. A severe accident occurred late Sunday night on E79 between Mezdra and Botevgrad. In the area of ​​Kopyanovets between the villages of Lyuti Dol and Novachene, an Audi coming from the capital collided head-on with a bus traveling from Mezdra and transporting workers for the night shift […]

Two public transport buses crashed in Sofia

Two public transport buses crashed in SophieWell, two children were taken to Pirogov. The incident took place on Todor Kableshkov Blvd., Nova TV reported. The children are 4 and 9 years old. Their injuries are not serious, said the Emergency Service. On the spot 3 ambulances were sent immediately. The injured older passengers were examined […]

Three young people were burned alive in a hellish accident PHOTOS

A terrible accident happened on Saturday night on a country road in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. In the early morning, a Hyundai car loaded with passengers crashed into a tree and caught fire. Three passengers in the back seat of the car, aged 18 to 20, were burned alive, GlasNews.bg writes. At around 5:00 a.m., Itzehoe police […]

Accidents – Dover – Motorcyclist falls and is critically injured – Panorama

Home Panorama Germany October 2, 2021, 10:53 a.m. Accidents – Dover:Motorcyclist falls and is critically injured Directly from the dpa news channel Breitenbach (dpa / lrs) – A motorcyclist fell in a fall in a curve in the Kusel district and sustained life-threatening injuries. The 37-year-old was on a country road in the direction of […]

A pimple on my leg saved me from this horror in the dark ages

Varnenka shared an interesting comment on how she miraculously escaped a sinister accident, Varna24.bg reports. A 2-year-old child was injured in the accident, who had a fracture after the violent collision on the way to Galata. We publish what Mariana Venkova shared on September 16 without editorial intervention: “Evening thoughts about hurrying … I am […]

Two arrested for the murder of Boryana Strobel – the Bulgarian trace in Tesla

BORYANA STROBAL Two people have been arrested in a June crash that killed a cyclist on a rural road in Nevada. Both are accused of lying to the police about what happened, writes The Mercury News. On Thursday, the Nevada Department of Public Safety announced the arrests of the couple – a 32-year-old man and […]