Babiš turned after a bitter loss. He will also remain in politics as an opposition member of parliament

While the coalition was celebrated and negotiated in the coalition, the members of the YES movement closed the door behind them and most of them stopped communicating. According to experts, it was an unpleasant day for the chairman of the movement, Andrej Babiš. He certainly did not expect defeat in the elections. On Sunday, he admitted it himself. And he announced that he would remain in the House as an opposition member of parliament.

Dozens of journalists and members of his movement were waiting for Andrej Babiš throughout the day in the election staff. He came to the Center for Physical Medicine in Chodov as the last. But he did not want to comment on the result of the election.

“I can’t because we’ll have a press conference,” he told the media. His wife Monika spoke for him. “They lost, they’re second, well,” you missed.

It is said that Babiš then analyzed the results for almost two hours and prepared a speech. According to the participants, he seemed calm and composed, but he did not hide his disappointment at the press conference.

“So good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I would of course like to thank our constituents first of all. I think our result is great, we did not expect such a result ourselves,” he finally told the press.

“Surprise, disappointment, sadness were reflected on Andrej Babiš ‘s face. The same goes for his closest co-workers or his wife. During that conference, we saw a certain turnaround, when maybe the tension dropped from him and he started smiling at some questions, “believes political scientist Lukáš Jelínek.

After being asked by journalists, he went into seclusion for another two hours, and he had no reason to celebrate. He left the election staff shortly before 11 p.m.

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Babiš was supposed to leave on Monday for a two-day meeting of the Visegrad Group with the Egyptian president, but he canceled the trip. On Sunday, he admitted that he was surprised by the loss in the election.

“I have to say it was a surprise, we thought we would win,” he told the people in Chow. All indications are that he will not be able to form a government. The TOTAL and PIRSTAN coalitions have a total of 108 deputies and have committed not to negotiate with anyone else about the creation of a cabinet. Babiš wanted to leave politics if he ended up in opposition, but he reconsidered his position.

“We can tell me a hundred times that I should drop out to Slovakia. I am the Czech Prime Minister, a proud Czech and I simply will not give up. So I have bad news for you, I will stay in that House. If we end up in opposition, I’ll be there. “ announced Babiš.



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