Autumn horoscope! Find out what awaits you in the colorful months

Falling leaves, sweaters or a cup of hot chocolate. Everyone thinks of something different with the word autumn. But what awaits you in this colorful period, which begins on Wednesday, September 22?

The autumnal equinox occurs on Wednesday, September 22, and begins astronomical autumn. The sun shifts from the sign of Virgo to the sign of Libra. She has prepared an autumn horoscope for astrologer Hana Černá.

It will be a time of slowing down after summer activities, a time of inner thinking, but it will also be a good time to study and read. In the fall, you should also pay more attention to loved ones. What awaits all the signs in the autumn months?


Aries will have a social autumn, especially October. Aries, realize what kind of society you want to belong to and what kind of people you want to continue to be around, and act accordingly. So avoid troubled people and surround yourself with fair and successful people. Partnerships will also be at the forefront in the autumn. Singles have a great chance to establish a new relationship.

If you don’t like work, now is the right time to choose a new profession. The full moon on September 21, 2021 in the sign of Pisces had a major influence on Aries and will be projected until the coming autumn. Rams will know that fundamental steps need to be taken and focus on their intuition. But you must not be pushed into a position that does not suit you. In November, they will also deal with finances or assets.


Bulls like autumn, its colors and nature. You should draw as much energy from nature as possible before the winter. If you happen to get sick, don’t underestimate it and cure the disease properly. As a result, crossing would only hurt you. Also, don’t forget the preventive check-ups, which is very suitable for October. Especially at the beginning of autumn, watch out for contracts. Mainly have everything black on white.

But the bulls will be doing well overall, they will receive awards or someone important will notice them. They agree on better conditions with their partner, they negotiate a better position. And you should also deal with relationships in the fall, it will be very important in the future. Bulls will be surrounded by a family more often, which is very important for them.


For Gemini, relationships will be at the forefront, both personal and professional. You will be very active in social life. Your own advertising and presentation is suitable for you, you don’t have to be modest. It will be good for you. You should also work on a quality relationship and try to connect more with your partner, have shared experiences and not just ride in your dorms.

Some Gemini awaits a great important life meeting. He will clean the surroundings around him. You will also feel the need to work on your health and you will also help someone close to you in this area. You will pay more attention to children, who will reward you with love and joy. Gemini will be more creative in the fall and will generally enjoy the autumn nature.

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