Attention, there are sun-like stars, a black hole is discovered near the Milky Way system

BOYS AREA – A recent study observed a similar star Sun with a strange orbit.

The star’s orbital features are so strange that scientists think it could be part of a binary system. black hole.

This discovery has implications for the many possible black hole (black hole) that are inactive (dormant) are dispersed Milky Way galaxywhere is our Earth.

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Led by researchers from various institutions such as the Center for Astrophysics Harvard-Smithsonian, University California Berkeley, Caltech; The study was published in the Royal Astronomical Society Monthly Notices.

Kareem El-Badry, dari Harvard A Society Fellow told Universe Today that these observations are part of a broad campaign to identify the various black hole ‘sleep’ with normal stars in our galaxy.

“I looked for black hole sleeping for the past four years using a wide range of data and methods, “he said.

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“My previous efforts have uncovered a cluster of binary stars disguised as black holebut this is the first time a search has produced results, “he added.

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