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The debate on when to ring the first bell is imminent. PHOTO: YORDAN SIMEONOV

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As early as 2022, the beginning of the school year can be moved to September 5, and students can get longer vacations in winter and spring.

The idea of ​​Education Minister Nikolay Denkov to start on the first Monday in September met with the approval of school principals.

“In Bulgaria, students enter the class at the latest – on September 15, while in other countries the first school day is about 10-15 days earlier,” Denkov announced late last week. According to him, the shift of the first day of school is reasonable, especially in the current epidemic situation. This will provide more time for negotiations and for the consolidation of the study material from the previous school year, part of which takes place online. In addition, the weather is good in September and there are more opportunities for outdoor activities, said Minister Nikolay Denkov. However, he clarified that the idea should be negotiated with principals, teachers’ unions and parents.

It is on the part of teachers and parents that Nina Chaneva, the principal of the 23rd Joliot Curie School in Sofia, expects problems.

“But I think the idea is good. It will be working to start in early September and

to end on June 30

“Maybe they should extend the interim and winter holidays when it’s cold and there are flu epidemics,” she said. Chaneva is also the head of the Sofia organization of the Union of Employers in the system of public education.

However, the parents, for whom the autumn holidays are important, will probably be against, Chaneva admitted.

“Personally, I think it would be good if it starts 2 weeks earlier, the winter and spring holidays should be longer or there should be another additional vacation, the holiday should be more evenly distributed during the school year. ”, Commented the director of the 51st school in Sofia, Asen Alexandrov.

“This is the third time this has been said in the last few years. This discussion is very important to happen, but to take into account all points of view – of parents and those working in the secondary education system. If we start only with a ministerial idea, this will certainly not happen. However, if the attitudes and desires of absolutely all participants in education are united,

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with the beginning of September 15 “, commented the director of the 119th high school Acad. Mihail Arnaudov ”Diyan Stamatov, who is the head of the Union of Employers in Public Education. The date of September 15 is related to agriculture, he reminded. The agricultural produce was harvested between September 1 and 15, and the children helped with the work. The older generation remembers going to summer and autumn brigades. Opponents of the idea today and according to Diyan Stamatov are the parents who go to the so-called promotional holidays in early September. However, this could not be a serious argument. “The situation we live in requires serious flexibility and change. It can be easily introduced, as there is a slightly longer vacation for students, after which the second term begins. In the last years before COVID, the holidays coincided with flu epidemics. This will create a real learning process at a time when there is no danger of the flu spreading, “said Diyan Stamatov.

If done,

you have to go through a change in the law

Velichka Stoycheva, the principal of the 18th William Gladstone High School in Sofia, recalled the pre-school and school education, which is not impossible. They discussed the topic in various working groups some time ago when they wrote the law. She also clarified that the biggest opponent was the parent community because of the trips during the summer season. “As for the idea, it’s not bad at all. The pandemic had a negative impact on children’s progress, losing a lot. The summer season is a good time to catch up. Fuel and energy prices are constantly rising to an unknown extent. So, by consensus, it can be decided that students should rest a little longer in the winter to save energy. This is a difficult conversation with the interested parties “, added Velichka Stoycheva. According to her, in addition to parents, there will be votes “against” and teachers because of fatigue from online learning. However, educators would not be the main adversary, they would still accept the change.



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