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Armored Core 6 Mech War Mercenary VI Boss Battle Strategy Guide: Helicopter & Giant Tank Vehicle Tactics

Armored Core 6 Mech War Mercenary VI Boss Battle Strategy Prologue Helicopter Giant Tank Vehicle|Hardcore mech shooting game “Mech War Mercenary VI Realm Skyfire” Armored Core 6 has been officially launched, this game is quite difficult even the early bosses are already very difficult Difficult to deal with; “Hong Kong 01” technology plaything channel provides early boss battle strategy.

The difficulty of the game is high and the level is normal. The helicopter is popular on Twitter.

The difficulty of “Machine Warfare VI” is quite high. It is not easy to face the elite enemies in the level. The boss battle can be said to be a series of hell. Even the boss “large gunship” in the prologue of the game is very difficult to fight. Many people are not used to it. The Armored Core series has been beaten by it so much that the keyword “prologue helicopter” (初初のヘリ) has become a hot topic on Twitter in Japan (to be honest, the reporter even Game Over once when he was playing a helicopter in the prologue).


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Although the boss battle is difficult to fight, fortunately the game can be continued indefinitely. As long as you have perseverance, you will always win. Changing weapons suddenly becomes very easy. If you still can’t fight after changing different weapons, it may be that the performance of the body parts/weapons has not kept up with the strength of the level, and you may have to earn some money to change weapons and parts before challenging again.

After the helicopter in the prologue, the tank car Boss giant also hits people, don’t don’t…

As for the method of quickly swiping money, please refer to another guide:

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Prologue helicopter play:

In the prologue, the Boss “Large Gunship” has powerful firepower. It will always attack the player with shelling and continuous firing of homing missiles. Even if it keeps dodging left and right, it will be attacked; The rifle couldn’t do much damage to it at all, so many players were beaten by it.

But in fact the helicopterWeakness is melee attackas long as you jump up first, then press L3 Assault Charge to rush to the front of the helicopter, and then use L2->L2 Double Slash to cause a lot of damage to it, as long as the player first Assault Charge -> Melee Attack -> Pulse Blade cools Dodge + shooting attack to do a little damage -> then assault charge -> melee attack, repeat the above to knock down the gunship.

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Heavy mobile turret “Giant” (tank vehicle) style of play:

If the helicopter in the prologue is teaching, then the Boss heavy mobile turret “Giant” tank in the level “Crossing the Wall” is the real test. Its blood is thick and its attack is high. The most troublesome thing is that it has a nearly invincible shield on the front. It is impossible to attack it with the equipment when the player first sees it; players need to go around behind it and attack its weak point (injector) to deal hurt.

In the first half of the battle, there will be companions to help divert the giant’s attention, and the player can easily fight back; but when the giant’s blood volume drops to half, the companions will say that they want to stop the enemy who comes to reinforce, so the player will You can only face the giant alone.

The idea is to equip close-range high-power weapons such as pistols or shotguns, mount missiles on the left and right shoulders, and then go around the giant’s back and attack by itself during the battle. There are basically two methods, one is to ascend to the mid-air first and then L3 assault sprint, the other is to go to the horizontal OB (square) and go around to the side to attack; the reporter feels that the horizontal OB method is easier, but be careful not to step on the giant Landmines scattered everywhere.

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The key is that you don’t need to go around to the front and back, you can use the pulse blade (L2) to attack as long as you go around to the side. L2 can make it hard and straight (ACS Load Limit) with two consecutive cuts. At this time, you can use shotguns, Missiles and other full output. If it goes well, just hit a few rounds of hard straight to clean it up.

If the player operates properly, he can even launch a wave of hard straight chain output when the hard straight ends, in conjunction with the pulse blade that has just cooled down.If the player’s hand speed is not fast enough, the giant will speed up and move to another position after the player approaches the giant, As a result, the player can no longer hit the back. The conclusion is that the operation must always be tested, everyone work hard.

The reporter also tried more than ten times before successfully passing the test, so everyone worked hard.

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