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Archbishop of Puebla regretted the violence in the country

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Pillar Bravo
05/29/2022 , 7:30 pm

The Archbishop of Puebla, Victor Sanchez Espinosain the homily of the Ascension, he wondered why so much violence, every day hundreds of deaths and disappearances and the most serious murder of women whose lives are taken in such a violent way

That’s why he offered a special prayer for Sandra Elizabeth Pérez Portillo, a young woman kidnapped in Amozoc and found dead last Saturday or as happened last week with Cecilia Monzón, but she also prayed for Edgar Paredes, a young man murdered in an attempted robbery, by following the virtual game Pokémon Go through the streets of the Historic Center.

He regretted the violence that exists in the countrypointing out that according to public information more than 100 deaths are recorded in one day, due to the indifference of authorities and society.

He noted that it seems the route has been lost and it seems that the world is moving towards its own destructionthat is why it is time to reflect on returning to the path of life, faith and hope.

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