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Adviser to the President Addresses Controversy over Ministry of Agriculture Budget

“I am an adviser to the president, of course, I participated in the talks, but I do not think that neither I nor the president was misled. He told the truth as it is,” Yavor Gechev, an adviser to the president, said on BTV and former Acting Minister of Agriculture.

In the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture, when the page of the Parliament is opened, it is inseparable from the 3-year forecast, in 2025, in practice, the sum of 340 million appears, he explained.

A law is not given from yesterday to today, there are different procedures that take different time up to a month. “When you give the initial version of a law, then there are remarks from all the ministries – 40 pages are the remarks from the Ministry of Agriculture”, added Gechev.

According to him, one of them is the letter in question, which came out regarding the objection of the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to him, 700,000 dkr are exactly the acres that are not occupied by contracts, that is, which can easily be sold.

“This is not an accidental mistake, the facts conclusively prove that there was an intention to sell these lands. It is not a question that Asen Vasilev lied, the question is that we caught him,” says Gechev.

The Ministry of Agriculture objected in its official document.

“Asen Vasilev said that he did not see this table. This is not true, all remarks and tables for the removal of remarks are signed only by the minister,” Gechev also stated.

He added that the medium-term budget forecast for 2025 is already in the budget.

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