Actor’s fight against insidious leukemia: He called a doctor who extended Gott’s life by five years

That expert is Anna Jonášová, who treated Karel Gott under the baton of the leading Czech hematologist Marek Trený.

He will supervise Andrej Hryc during his home treatment. He went there after spending two months in hospital.

Jonášová has been taking care of Karel Gott since he was diagnosed with lymph node cancer in 2015, when he no longer had optimistic prospects. For the first time, the Master defeated the insidious disease, but when the leukemia struck, he basically started the fight for prolonging his life.

“Our goal was 80. I consider it a great success. And I consider it a success if I evaluate it all with the initial diagnosis, which was also very serious. That his life has been extended, however he wants, by at least four or five years, “ Shortly after Gott’s death, Jonas described Prima television.

Andrej Hryc and his daughter Wanda

“He was treated with the utmost care and with all possible modern treatment methods available, all the latest ones we had at our disposal. Of course we tried our best. And since his form of the disease was already very risky, it was not easy. “ she explained.

Anna Jonášová will also treat Andrej Hryc with the latest healing methods.

“It is a completely new American chemotherapy, which the Slovak Ministry of Health only approved at the beginning of August. It’s very expensive, of course. “ described the actor, known for example from the series Ulice, to the Slovak server Nový Čas.

The treatment allegedly shook the Hoc organism, so the doctors had to slow down. However, the latest results fill him with optimism.

“Chemotherapy consists of two steps, one of which is an injection that is given every day. Seven days in a row. At the same time, the pills that are part of it are given. Today, Associate Professor Mistrík called me to say that after good partial results, my chemotherapy dosage was increasing. So progress is clear. “ says Andrej Hryc.


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