Angela Aguilar shines with colors with a tight denim mini skirt to celebrate love without distinction

Angela Aguilar also celebrated love without distinction and without labels on LGBTTI + Pride Day with a outfit captivating, which made her look very chic like the rest of his styles that he boasts from his Instagram account.

The young singer stole the looks with her original and fitted mini denim skirt that combined with a t-shirt with the word AMORE (love in Italian) stamped in the colors of the rainbow that identifies the LGBTTI + community, with which he offered his support and solidarity in this special celebration.

The tiny waist of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter was once again revealed in its styling, in a pose that highlighted all its attributes at age 16.

Another detail was her nails, with a manicure French-style, but with a trend color today, yellow, worn by young women for this season.

The famous have joined the celebration of the movement that fights for tolerance in a modern society to achieve equal rights and without discrimination.

For love, Angela Aguilar also says present

“Because love always shines with all its colors,” wrote the beautiful ranchera music singer to join the Pride Month celebration, at the foot of her publication.

Photo / @ angela_aguilar_

His fans commented on his support for the LGBTTI + community and they also admired its beauty and elegance when dressing.

  • Lilianamartinez6131; Thank you for supporting the LGBTTI + community.
  • Ranulfotorres: Net that I can not with the pretty, wowww.
  • Magicking_727: I admire the incredibly cool person you res.
  • Erick.alvarez.3952k: Precious as always.
  • Evangelist 11.11: Looks like a pin up model from the 50s! Beautiful the Angelita.
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With a piano in the background, Angela Aguilar looked beautiful with her styling and a retro hairstyle, with natural waves in her cut bob medium, which was complemented by her makeup in which she accentuated her lips with a pink tone and her eyes with long lashes.

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