Cut shots from the film Karel: Patch for a postponed premiere

The creators cut into the official clip for the film, which blends the new version of the Master’s hit Go for Happiness. He recorded it shortly before his death with the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra. Within the cut scenes you can also see a shot from the cottage Gott in Doubice, where Karel scratches the […]

Unused footage from the documentary Gott: Ivana used them in a new clip

Published on October 9, 2020 The premiere of the film about Karel Gott has been postponed indefinitely due to closed cinemas, which is why Ivana Gottová decided to please all fans with at least a new music video. She presented the last song of her deceased husband, which he recorded together with the symphony orchestra […]

Csák’s drama with the sick Gott! I begged Ivanka to …

“When he had the first chemotherapy, he said that he would like to fulfill what he promised me. Of course, I was very glad he hadn’t forgotten and wanted to keep his promise. But when he went to the studio, I saw that he was not well, and I asked his Ivanka to cancel it, […]

Gott’s sincere cry! It broke my heart, “admits Ivana

“During the filming, Karl was often not well, but he tried to accommodate the director in all her ideas. He spun until the last moment he could. My heart pounded even more when many shots were not used in the documentary. It cost him effort and hard work, but he really wanted everything in his […]

Ivan after the coronavirus at Gott’s grave: A widow’s touching message to the fans

Ivana Gottová thwarted quarantine plans. She had to postpone the ceremonial premiere of the documentary Charles and a visit to the Master’s grave. Last Thursday, on the anniversary of the singer’s death, fans showered him with candles and flowers. On Monday, the widow could see the place of the last rest of the eternal Nightingale […]

Šárka Rezková’s strong words: Will Dominika Gott not get out of alcoholism?

When asked if she thought Dominic would get out of it one day, Rezkova had a clear answer. “No,” she said. “There is a problem with medication. She needed to calm down, and probably everyone knows that if you combine alcohol and medicine, it’s not good, “she said. Rezkova is skeptical that Dominika will be […]

Jitka Zelenková’s touching letter: Karel, I know you have a lot …

“Dear Karl, we haven’t seen each other for a long time, but it’s clear to me, you have a lot to do,” Jitka began to write lines dedicated to Karl, adding that she would look at her every moment, a show where they performed together. “I always realize how happy I am that I was […]