Slack makes collaboration with external partners easier

Slack adds new functionality to make collaboration with partners outside of your own company easier, but also more secure. In addition, the embedding of audio and video in Slack channels is also possible.

Slack is an ideal tool for collaboration within your own company. Yet it is also useful if this tool also works with partners from other companies. The collaboration specialist now has this extra functionality introduced. The solutions should make working with external partners even easier and safer.

Collaborative solutions

The first solution that Slack introduces for this is Slack Connect DMs (direct messages). This allows employees to collaborate with people outside the company by sending them an invite. This means that anyone who uses Slack can be contacted.

Slack will be careful that this function cannot be used to distribute spam. The tool is still under development, but the collaboration specialist indicates that a lot of attention will be paid to combating spam and phishing.

Added security

To make this extensive security possible, the solution Verified Organizations is being released. This is similar to the verified user functionality on Twitter. This ensures that before communicating, employees actually have contact with someone from a company they know and trust.

In addition, Slack also introduces the Managed Connections functionality. This allows Slack administrators to have control over which companies and employees of those companies can connect with employees within the company. The functionality also ensures that the aforementioned tools are used responsibly.

Embed audio and video

In addition to facilitating collaboration with external companies, Slack has further optimized its tool. Instead of a Slack channel being just a messaging tool, multimedia is now also added. It becomes possible to embed audio and video files in a Slack conversation.

The tools and functionality for collaborating and communicating outside your own company will be available within Slack later this year or early 2021. The audio and video functionality will be available before the end of this year.

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