Abandoned is one big scam

Hasan Kahraman lies like he’s printing. But it’s not just about anymore bad marketingwho overturned the truth and misled the player, but o systematic lie in order to lure people out of money. This follows from a new finding by the server’s editors Gamespotwho spoke to people familiar with the controversial action survival horror.

At the same time, it will be a year since the mysterious title was introduced on the PlayStation Blog Abandoned from the unknown Dutch studio Blue Box. Since then, we have been able to read a lot of theories about what Hide Kojima’s cover is really like, and Silent Hill or the new Metal Gear Solid will eventually climb out of the project.

It’s not even a lush fantasy of the fans, but rather hints of Kahraman himself. He later posted all sorts of messages on Twitter he apologized and stated that Abandoned is independent survival horror about a lonely survivor in the forest, where he riots kult. Then followed a series of excuses, delays, apologies … In short, an endless circle. Until one gets lost in it. Which may have been the author’s goal.

There is confusion in all this a private and very exclusive group on Discordcreated by Kahraman and inviting devoted fans there to tell them fairy tales, he promised, shared screenshots, animations, and even script pages. In short, he was lured to a project that doesn’t really exist.

Participants in his group chats were often bound by secrecy – some were even forced to sign an obscure NDA, a copy of which was obtained by Gamespot. According to sources, Kahraman looked for fans who agreed with him, and when some members of the group questioned his vain promises and the discrepancy between public and private comments, he fired them or formed a new, sometimes smaller group with new fans and / or people who still they agreed.

In these groups and cottages even Kahraman shared fake materials, with whose help he connected his project with Hideo Kojima and the game Silent Hill. Besides it was a graphic with the inscription Silent Hill 5 with a figure similar to that of Abandoned materials.

“Kahraman told the group that he was actively working on Abandoned, but over time he did not show anything that looked real or convincing, he often did not even meet the deadlines he set himself. For example, after saying that he had a revelation scheduled for a certain day of the week, a week passed without any news. “ states Gamespot.

The title was supposed to be presented three times in the summer of 2021, and Geoff Keighley, who was supposed to reveal it at Gamescom, also took part in the presentation, but the producer never received the promised footage.

Gamespot sources claim that Kahraman had to admit that Abandoned was not in development. Instead, a playable prologue is to be developed. The author wants to sell, finance development and also attract investors.

But what Kahraman shares is only confusing. He continues to promise tests for selected members of his group, promises new information, but then shows only pictures of the walls and finally with his group Rainbow Six: Siege has been playing all night and talks to members about things that have nothing to do with Abandoned.

Gamespot points out that the design has been changed several times – from horror with cultists through action games to the concept of vampires, which was described as “fake Resident Evil”. The journalists believe that the title may never come out and that the prologue will not go on sale, either Abandoned will end in the same way as the other Kahramana projects announced; forgotten.

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