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A Kazakh man invited two ministers to take a train ride

news-id-117653" style="display:inline;">A Kazakhstani published an emotional video about his train ride from Kostanay to Astana. He said he and his family were “very cold” on the trip. Tengritravel.kz contacted the author to find out all the details of the trip.

Gennady published a video on his TikTok page in which he complained about the cold in the carriages.

“Tonight I became as stiff as a dog. Greetings to the Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Transport. I invite you to take a ride on the Kostanay – Almaty train. Your worldview will change incredibly. You will enjoy the most beautiful ventilated windows. Of course, incredible smells and, in general, all sorts of amenities of the Kazakh railways. For The 20 years that I remember in my life, nothing has changed here,” he noted in his emotional address.

The young man also showed what trains look like in neighboring countries, for example, in Georgia and Uzbekistan.

There are already more than a thousand comments under the video. Some social network users note that they completely agree with the guy’s opinion, while others urge him not to “exaggerate”.

“Our trains are the busiest in the world,” “And in 20 years you will be riding on this train,” “It’s because of the weather,” “Officials don’t travel by train,” social network users write under the post.

The editorial correspondent contacted the author of the popular video. He said that the trip took place from December 13 to 14 from Kostanay to Astana. Now Gennady is 28 years old.

“A family of eight traveled on the train from December 13 to 14 from Kostanay to Astana. Two fell ill after the trip. Fortunately, not too much. Among us, the eldest was my father, he is 66 years old,” noted the author of a YouTube channel about cities Kazakhstan “On the streets”.

Also, in addition to the cold, the young man named several other disadvantages that he noticed during the trip.

“The technical component of the train is terrible. It shakes madly as it moves, everything is snot everywhere you look. The curtains on the windows don’t stay on, in some places there are no steps to the top bunk, it’s scary to go to the toilet. Anyone who has traveled knows what kind of pleasure it is.” , – the guy noted.

He said the only advantage is that by train, “you always know you’ll get there.” The family was in a hurry to catch a plane to the capital; they did not want to take risks and travel along the winter Kostanay-Astana highway, so the decision was made to take a ride on the Kazakh railway.

UPD. Later, the KTZ press service commented on the popular video.

“The company monitored a blogger’s video about a train trip from Kostanay to the capital. This train belongs to the private carrier Turksib Astana LLP. In Kazakhstan, services for transporting passengers by rail are provided, in addition to the Passenger Transportation company, by 13 more private carriers. Their activities are supervised relevant ministry. In connection with this, incoming requests can be attributed not only to the national carrier, but also to private carriers,” the press service said in response.

The editorial correspondent asked the press service of the Ministry of Transport for comment on the situation, but no response was received by the time of publication.

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