5 Facts of Uproar Confide UPH Student Tortured by Ex-Boyfriend’s Sadism


A student at Pelita Harapan University (UPH) Tangerang, USA, vent on social media has become a victim of abuse by an ex-boyfriend. He is said to have experienced physical and verbal violence.

The story is widely discussed on social media Twitter. US allows shared stories to be quoted.

“The abuse I endured actually it has been going on for a long time, from the first time on June 7 2022 to the last that I received last Saturday, namely verbal abuse,” said AS, Friday (17/2/2023).

Following are the facts regarding the incident:

1) Cases Reported to Komnas Perempuan and Police

As This case of violence has been reported by the US to Komnas Perempuan. The abuse case was also handled internally on the campus where AS studied.

AS also reported the violence committed by his ex-girlfriend to the South Tangerang (Tangsel) Police. The report is registered with the number TBL/B/356/II/2023/SPKT/South Tangerang Police/Polda Metro Jaya.

“Already (reported to the police), lawyers from the campus and also Komnas Perempuan are accompanying this case,” he said.

2) Confessed to Being Persecuted Five Times

The victim admitted that he had been abused by his ex-boyfriend five times. The most severe act of violence occurred during the fourth persecution.

“The perpetrator abused me starting from dragging me into the car and forcing me until he pushed me into his car, punched me on the nose until he moved, banged my head on the dashboard, glass and steering wheel of the car, grabbed me, slapped me, dragged me and threw me into the the ground and the worst thing was strangling me while saying ‘dead, bro, you never listen to me, bang,'” he explained.

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AS admitted that he had experienced violence again in January 2023. He then decided to report to the campus.

AS told the act of abuse to his parents. It was her parents who filed a police report on the alleged abuse.

AS uploaded evidence of physical and verbal abuse by his ex-girlfriend. AS also said that he was blackmailed by his ex-girlfriend.

Komnas Perempuan and UPH act. Check it out on the next page.


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