Hunt 2 Suspects of Medan Thugs, Police Died in Truck Crash

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A police officer in the Crime and Violence unit (Jatanras) of the General Criminal Investigation Directorate of the North Sumatra Police Aipda LM died in accident traffic. The Head of the Public Information Section (Kabagpenum) of the National Police Kombes Ahmad Ramadhan said that the police officer died while pursuing two […]

Shocked by a Thief Before Self-Defense

Demak – Kasmito (74) or Mbah Minto, a grandfather in the District Demak, Central Java, arrested by the police for persecuting fish thieves. Mbah Minto admitted that he was defending himself because he was electrocuted by the fish thief. “Because I was electrocuted by the same person (man with the initials M),” said Mbah Minto […]

Percut Sei Tuan Police Chief Officially Removed, Thugs Become Suspects

Medan, CNN Indonesia — Percut Sei Tuan Police Chief, Medan City, AKP Jan Piter Napitupulu was officially removed from his position following the determination of the suspect as a woman who was a vegetable seller who was a victim of beatings thug, Liti Wari Iman Gea. The dismissal was carried out not long after the […]

Viral HKBP Balige Hospital Destroyed-Nakes Persecuted, Perpetrators Arrested!

Medan – A video showing the commotion ending destruction at HKBP Balige Hospital, North Sumatra (North Sumatra), viral on social media (social media). The police intervened and arrested the culprit. View on Tuesday (12/10/2021), in the video, a number of young men came to the reception of the hospital. At first the men were […]

The Persecuted Permata Buana Residents Are Ready If Re-mediated

Jakarta – Police open mediation opportunities in an effort to resolve cases related to residents Gem of the World, Hartono Prasetya alias Toni (64), who feels being persecuted by officers and other citizens. The victim’s attorney, Oktavianus Rasubala, said his client was ready to take another route to mediation if needed. “We still want mediation. […]

Answering Ahok’s Son’s Doubt, Ayu Thalia Hands Torn Pants to the Police

Jakarta – Ayu Thalia | visited the North Penjaringan Police to be investigated regarding the alleged abuse of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) child, Nicholas Sean Purnama, against him. Party Ayu Thalia | also submitted items of evidence related to the persecution. “Tonight, we have been present at the Penjaringan Polsek since this afternoon to submit […]

Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte Lubricated Muhammad’s Face and Body with Human Dirt

Muhammad’s screenshot is cute via his Youtube channel. (Source: Youtube Muhammad Kece) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The Director of General Crimes (Dirtipidum) of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Indonesian National Police Brigadier General Andi Rian Djajadi revealed the results of the examination of the case of persecution experienced by Muhammad Kosman alias Muhammad Kece by […]

His actions endanger religious harmony

loading… JAKARTA – Power of Law Inspector General of Police Napoleon Bonaparte , Haposan Batubara delivered an open letter explaining the reasons for his client’s mistreatment of suspected blasphemy Muhammad Kosman alias Muhammad Kece in the custody of the Police Headquarters. Of the five points made by Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the main ones is […]