Biden “admits the wrong woman again”! “Hold the wrong hand to get it” wife was left aside “super awkward picture” exposed | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Huang Min / Full report ▲ Biden (third from left) and the governor (fourth from left) hold hands and push Jill aside (first from left). (Image / Excerpt from Twitter) 79-year-old US President Biden often mumbles his tongue and has a lot of weird behaviors, even confusing words and slow responses. His health has … Read more

Dyson has released the new “strongest in history” product, capable of absorbing viruses | TechNews Technology News

Dyson China released on 21 the most powerful wireless vacuum cleaner to date: G5 Detect (model in other regions is V15 Detect), redefining “the most powerful vacuum cleaner in history”. – How strong is the strongest suction? What defines the strongest? For vacuum cleaners, it’s the motor. The digital motor of the Dyson vacuum cleaner … Read more

“Josh Journey” will launch on October 6th

“QUByte Interactive” has revealed, on Saturday, the launch date of its game “Josh Journey: Darkness Totems” on October 6 next, through a promotional video that the company has broadcast on its official YouTube channel, the social network site. “Josh Journey” will be available on the scheduled release date on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. It … Read more

| It can be said that life is intoxicating Mangalam

– Although drug protests are organized globally, the impact of drug addiction on our young people is increasing day by day. Evidence of this is what we have seen and heard during and after the lockdown. Every day there is shocking news to be learned through the country’s newspapers and visual media. Its sponsors can … Read more

An elderly woman dies after being hit by a bus while crossing the street: Nattu Visesham

Chittoor: An elderly private bus while crossing the road from Anikot Tchu died. Mariyamma (70), wife of the late Subrahmanyam, Kundathupalayam, South Village. is dead The accident occurred at the Anikoto Chalumok intersection around 8:30 yesterday morning. Elderly woman who fell on the street Basitich and is in critical condition Those who were on the … Read more

A powerful explosion thundered again in Melitopol

Photo: RIA MELITOPOL Melitopol captured by the Russian invaders – – The partisan movement is active in the city. In June, the mayor of Melitopol reported that more than 100 Russians had already been eliminated by the Melitopol partisan movement and the cooperation of the special services. The mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, said that … Read more

The Kremlin Human Rights Commission criticizes the mobilization of reservists | NOW

The head of the Kremlin’s human rights commission, Valery Fadeyev, criticized the mobilization of reservists to fight in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the order this week. Fadeyev called on Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to put an end to the rigorous way many recruiting agencies operate in the country. Men who had no … Read more

Mark Czech footballers for their performance in the League of Nations against Portugal

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