The chief engineer of NASA confirmed the groundbreaking news: we have found samples of life on Mars

There may be life on Mars. The Perseverance rover’s latest mission to Mars could be the key to the discovery of life on the red planet. This groundbreaking news was confirmed by NASA’s chief engineer. Thanks to cutting-edge devices and revolutionary technologies, life on the red planet is closer than we thought. NASA’s chief engineer … Read more

Central meteorological observatory: autumn rains in Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou and cold air will hit the north – News – Science Network

Central Meteorological Observatory: Autumn rains in Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan and Guizhou will continue to hit the north The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that it will rain again in the fall in the southwest this week. A new wave of cold air will hit the north of my country tomorrow. The northeast will be windy and … Read more

Zelensky offers 5 non-negotiable conditions for peace

After Russian President Vladimir Putin brandished weapons of mass destruction, his Ukrainian counterpart announced … Volodymyr Zelensky About 5 non-negotiable conditions for peace. In a speech to the General Assembly, Zelensky called for a fair punishment to be imposed on Russia, as he claimed. He also appealed to the United Nations to deny Moscow the … Read more

For the first time in the history of Egypt, the dollar rises to a new record against the pound

Al-Marsad Daily: The price of the dollar rose against the pound in Egypt by about 5 pips today, Wednesday, compared to yesterday’s prices. Thus, the Egyptian pound has fallen to its lowest level since the liberalization of the pound exchange in November 2016. According to “Cairo 24”. The price of the dollar in the Central … Read more

NASA engineers fly to Thailand Join the mission to set up a test system to send equipment to the International Space Station with KU.

– NASA engineers fly to Thailand Join the mission to set up a test system to send equipment to the International Space Station with KU. Ass. Prof. Dr. Nattaporn Chattham, Principal Investigator in Space Research Cooperation Project Kasetsart University (KU) later revealed that Mr. Tyler Hatch, an aerospace engineer or aerospace research engineer under the … Read more

The Foreign Ministry took a stand after Putin’s threats – Politics

September 21, 2022 21:07 5791 21 – The latest messages from Moscow are an escalation of all concerns. Together with nuclear rhetoric and so-called “referendums”, these disturbing developments reinforce the need for consistent support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote on its Twitter account. All about the … Read more