Announcement! Pertalite buyers must register starting July 1, 2022, here’s how

“We have prepared the MyPertamina website, namely which will be opened on July 1, 2022. People who feel they have the right to use Pertalite and Solar can register their data through this website, then wait to see if their vehicle and identity are confirmed as registered users. The MyPertamina system will help us … Read more

Ubisoft CEO Cuts Own Salary to IDR 4.8 Billion After Company Fails to Reach Target, Jakarta – Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot is rumored to be doing salary deduction up to 30 percent, after the target of the Assassin’s Creed game development company was not achieved some time ago. This is recorded in Ubisoft’s Universal Registration Document, where Guillemot will experience a salary cut of 30 percent this year, or … Read more

Russia with new NATO threat

Russia’s former president and deputy head of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, warns NATO against approaching the Crimean peninsula. – For us, Crimea is part of Russia. And that means forever. “Any attempt to” intervene “in Crimea is a declaration of war against our country, he said in an interview with the state-controlled aviation … Read more

Are Monkeypox Cases Dangerous? 3,200 cases have been detected in 48 countries, Indonesia does not yet exist

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Director General WHOTedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus admits he is concerned about the epidemic monkey pox which has been detected in 48 countries. According to him, the case monkey pox is a health threat that is currently in the spotlight by WHO. Despite having a moderate level of danger, WHO reported there are now more … Read more

“It’s hard to leave home, but here it feels like Naples. I didn’t choose for money, but for the children “

Lorenzo Insigne, the new Toronto Fc player, was presented by the Canadian club at a press conference. – – Lorenzo Insigne, the new Toronto Fc player, was presented by the Canadian club at a press conference. The former Napoli captain takes the floor: “A new adventure begins for me and my family, it is the … Read more

Green Party Congress: Delegates vote for coalition agreement with CDU | – News

Status: 06/27/2022 10:05 p.m In the town hall in Neumünster, the delegates of the Greens voted in favor of the coalition agreement with the CDU by a large majority on Monday. After a party congress debate lasting more than three hours, 112 delegates voted in favor of the negotiated coalition agreement. There were four votes … Read more