[Courant d’ère] Proxy War – Debates

At first, the situation seemed as dire as it was simple. A vengeful dictator brutally attacked a democratic country, and his feats of arms, punishable by the International Criminal Court, followed one another. In his momentum, this dictator has achieved a miracle: he has (more or less, but more than less) united the European countries, […]

Russian missile destroys Western arms shipments to Ukraine

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Russia claiming his troops succeeded in destroying the massive arms shipment in Zhytomyr, Ukraine with long-range missiles today, Saturday (21/5). The weapons were sent from the United States and a number of European countries to help Ukraine face the onslaught of Russia, which has continued to rage since the invasion took […]

Blend of Hijab Jeans Jackets Look Fashionable, Stylish, But Still Polite

The combination of a hijab jeans jacket does not die. With the right combination of clothes, will help you look beautiful and attractive. Jeans are one of the quality materials that are commonly used for the manufacture of various fashion items. One that is quite popular and never goes out of style is the jacket. […]

“A blood test was enough to save my son”

A pain that will last forever and the devastating awareness that the tragedy could have been avoided. One year after the death of Michele Merloin arte Mike Birdsinger of Amici, his father Domenico remembered his beloved son on the show very true in front of Silvia Toffanin’s microphone. She is the first time that Domenico […]

Lecture series on cultural history: science and education with Schelling

The idea of ​​the freedom and unity of the sciences is at the core of Humboldt’s ideal of education, which still characterizes the university landscape in Germany today. In his “Lectures on the Method of Academic Studies” (1803), the philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling developed a detailed explanation of this idea. In view of the […]

Lyon wins the Champions League

The Swiss Ana Maria Crnogorcevic missed her third Champions League title. The 133-time Swiss national player lost with FC Barcelona against record winners Lyon 1: 3. — – Ada Hegerberg (front) celebrates the triumph in the Champions League with her teammates. Imago – A historic season for women’s football ended on Saturday with a worthy […]