Blend of Hijab Jeans Jackets Look Fashionable, Stylish, But Still Polite

The combination of a hijab jeans jacket does not die. With the right combination of clothes, will help you look beautiful and attractive.

Jeans are one of the quality materials that are commonly used for the manufacture of various fashion items.

One that is quite popular and never goes out of style is the jacket. Jeans jacket has an attractive and fashionable look.

This outfit serves to make the body warmer in cold weather.

In addition, the jacket is also able to make the appearance more trendy and casual.

Especially for you hijabers, you don’t need to be confused in choosing the right outfit. Wear the right mix for various activities.

By wearing the right combination of jackets and fashion items, you can still look fashionable. It even includes a combination with a skirt or pants.

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Inspiration for a blend of hijab jeans jackets to look fashionable throughout the day

Even though being a hijabi woman doesn’t mean you can only wear syar’i clothes. You can wear a variety of fashion items without breaking religious rules.

You can combine various fashion items with loose and not dreamy criteria. So that you can stay fashionable, without opening your genitals at all.

One that you can make a choice to look fashionable with a hijab is a jeans jacket.

With the right combination, a jeans jacket can create an instant cool look. Here are some inspirations for the combination of hijab women’s jeans jackets.

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Curly pants

One of the blends of hijab jeans jacket that you can wear is with culottes. If you want to look cool, a combination of jeans jacket and culottes is the best recommendation.

Wear a jeans jacket oversize to be casual. Do not forget to complete the appearance with sneakers.

If you want a more classy look, you can wear a fit body shirt, jeans jacket, culottes, and heels.


There are still many inspirations for the blend of hijab jeans jackets that can make you look even cooler. You can also combine a jeans jacket with a dress.

With this combination helps you seem more trendy. There’s nothing wrong with showing a different impression by choosing fashion items that are much more interesting.

Combine a jeans jacket with any dress because it will match the combination of the two very well. Even though you look beautiful and polite, you are no less fashionable than other fashion.

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Ruffle Pants

Various fashion items will look attractive if you combine it with a jeans jacket. Even those of you who wear a hijab can combine it with ruffle pants.

You can combine a jeans jacket with many motifs and black ruffle pants. Wear a matching hijab with white pants and a plain T-shirt.

With a blend of hijab jeans jacket, this one is guaranteed to look feminine and casual. (R10/HR-Online)

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