4 RANS Cilegon FC breakthroughs for the Indonesian Football World, Number 1 Brings Barcelona Legend: Okezone Bola

4 RANS Cilegon FC breakthrough for the world of Indonesian footballwill be discussed Okayzone. Despite being a new team, RANS Cilegon FC was able to excel in Indonesian football.

Raffi Ahmad’s club has even been promoted to League 1 next season. RANS Cilegon FC was promoted to the runner-up status of Liga 2 last season. Well, here are four RANS Cilegon FC breakthroughs for the world of Indonesian football:

3. RANS Cilegon FC Training in Turkey

(RANS Cilegon FC training, photo: Instagram/@rans.cilegonfc.official)

Before performing in Liga 2 last season, RANS Cilegon FC trained abroad. Raffi Ahmad’s club held training in the city of Konya, Turkey. In addition to holding a training camp, RANS Cilegon FC also has another mission, namely to introduce Indonesian tourist destinations, such as Labuan Bajo, Borobudur, Likupang, and Lake Toba.

3. Want to recruit Mesut Ozil

4 RANS Cilegon FC breakthroughs for the world of Indonesian football

(Mesut Ozil, photo: Instagram / @ raffinagita1717)

RANS Cilegon FC was predicted to recruit Mesut Ozil. The news was widely discussed at the beginning of this year.

Ozil will indeed come to Indonesia at the end of May. However, he did not come to join RANS Cilegon FC. Ozil went to Indonesia, Jakarta to be precise, to celebrate his collaboration with a sports equipment brand called Concave.

2. Want to recruit Luis Milla

4 RANS Cilegon FC breakthroughs for the world of Indonesian football

(Luis Milla met PSSI, photo: Twitter/@PSSI)

RANS Cilegon FC was rumored to be recruiting Luis Milla, who was a former Indonesian national team tactician before Shin Tae-yong. However, the plan failed to materialize.

Now, RANS Cilegon FC is being coached again by Rahmad Darmawan. Together with RD, RANS Cilegon FC will navigate Liga 1 next season.

1. Bring in Ronaldinho

4 RANS Cilegon FC breakthroughs for the world of Indonesian football

(Brazilian legend Ronaldinho, photo: Courtesy)

RANS Cilegon FC invites Barcelona legend from Brazil, Ronaldinho. Raffi Ahmad stated that in the event The Extraordinary Story of RANS.

The plan is that Ronaldinho will strengthen RANS Cilegon FC in a mini tournament with Persis Solo, Arema FC, and Persija Jakarta. Apart from playing for RANS Cilegon FC, the Brazilian legend is likely to also play for three other teams in this tournament.

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