In New York, records broken at auction for Frida Kahlo and Pierre Soulages

Records beaten. Rare paintings by Mexican Frida Kahlo and French Pierre Soulages were sold Tuesday night for 34.9 million and $ 20.2 million to auction at Sotheby’s in New York. As expected, the self-portrait of the legendary Mexican painter “Diego y yo” (“Diego and me”, 1949), one of those in which the face of her […]

NDR Info News from November 27, 2021 3:45 p.m. | – Nachrichten – NDR Info

Leopoldina demands contact restrictions The National Academy of Sciences – Leopoldina – calls for a corona vaccination and contact restrictions. This is the only way to save society from further consequences of the pandemic, it said in a call. In order to enable as many vaccinations as possible by Christmas, pharmacists, medical officers, dentists, nurses […]

Sex Violence in the US Military is Out of Control

Ilustrasi The Politics of Survival Tara Reade. Foto/ WASHINGTON – In the latest episode of ‘The Politics of Survival,’ Tara Reade talks to a woman who works in the military United States of America (USA) and has in-depth knowledge of various horrendous cases of sexual violence, which he wants to publicize. “Federal offenses happen and […]

The Story of the Being Causing the Eclipse Behind the Hellbound ‘Devil’

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — One of the typical characters in the series Hellbound is a beast that makes humans who are considered sinners afraid because their lives will be taken away by the monster. According to Screen Rant, the image of the monster still has something to do with the mythological story from South Korea, […]

What is the interest rate? The expert explains why we pay higher installments

See also: Interest rates will reach 3%? Goldman Sachs forecasts quick increases in Poland The coronavirus has cut interest rates In Poland, the level of interest rates is set by the Monetary Policy Council. The MPC is a decision-making body National Bank of Polandwhose task is to establish assumptions and implement the state’s monetary policy. […]