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The Story of the Being Causing the Eclipse Behind the Hellbound ‘Devil’

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

One of the typical characters in the series Hellbound is a beast that makes humans who are considered sinners afraid because their lives will be taken away by the monster.

According to Screen Rant, the image of the monster still has something to do with the mythological story from South Korea, when referring to the conversation of the character of The New Truth cult leader, Jung Jin-su (Yoo Ah-in).

In episode two of the Hellbound series, Jung Jin-su is greeted by detective Jin Kyung-hun (Yang Ik-joon). Jung Jin-su is suspected of being involved in cases of strange deaths of citizens and the appearance of scary creatures that target humans.

Jin-su and his followers in the cult of The New Truth say that this is God’s will as a form of punishment for sinful human beings. It is also a reminder to those who are still alive to confess the sins committed.

When Kyung-hun explains that they’re investigating the case as a death threat, Jin-su compares the detective to the hunter Bul-gae in order to prevent an eclipse that would be meaningless against God and futile.

Bul-gae is a mythological creature in South Korea and is believed to be the cause of eclipses. The mythical creature in the form of a large magical dog is so strong that it can chase and bite any visible celestial object.

Bul-gae was believed by the ancient Koreans to be able to swallow the Sun and Moon and cause an eclipse as a form of God’s wrath.

However Screen Rant on Friday (27/11) also cited the reference to the mythological creature Bul-gae used by Jung Jin-su as a tactic of the cult leader to show his position and as an educated leader.

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