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Sex Violence in the US Military is Out of Control

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WASHINGTON – In the latest episode of ‘The Politics of Survival,’ Tara Reade talks to a woman who works in the military United States of America (USA) and has in-depth knowledge of various horrendous cases of sexual violence, which he wants to publicize.

“Federal offenses happen and I’m always told to keep my mouth shut,” Amy Braley-Franck, former Manager of the Sexual Assault Program in the US military told Reade in an interview released Friday.

Braley-Franck worked throughout the US and Europe, as well as in South Africa, on charges of administering the army’s response to sexual assault and harassment. He said what he saw was “unexpected.”

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“The extent of sexual violence in the military is out of control and 80% of those who report being sexually assaulted or harassed suffer some sort of retaliation,” Braley-Franck said.

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He cited some worrying statistics, saying that one in four women and one in five men in the military will be sexually assaulted.

“The situation is where the suicide rate goes through the roof in the US military,” he said.

“In the same time frame as there were about 7,000 combat-related deaths, compared to more than 30,000 members of the military committed suicide,” he said.

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