Alberto Fernández: “You have to be a little scared of smart quarantine”

Alberto Fernández:

President Alberto Fernández warned on Tuesday that “you have to be a little scared of the smart quarantine” against the coronavirusBecause, he remarked, “the virus does not distinguish between good and bad, between Peronists and radicals.” The Head of State made these statements during a videoconference that he had with the Governor of Chaco, Jorge […]

Advertiser boycott on Facebook starts shaking investors

Why is Facebook facing a boycott? 1:31 (CNN Business) –– After several days of largely ignoring the news about a growing advertisers boycott from Facebook, now it seems investors are paying attention. Facebook shares fell almost 3% during the first operations on Monday ––before recovering––, after big brands like Starbucks, Coca Cola and Hershey’s reported […]

Los Angeles Reports Dramatic Rebound in Coronavirus Cases

Los Ángeles registra un repunte dramático de casos de coronavirus

[Follow our coverage of the coronavirus on Tuesday, June 30] The United States has recorded in recent days a record growth in cases of coronavirus. “The window of opportunity to stop” the pandemic “is closing”, the Health Secretary has warned. Even the vice president has urged citizens to wear a mask, despite previous reluctance, especially […]

“We still can hardly believe it” – 20 minutes

The Swiss salt works wanted to drill for salt in the popular Rütihard recreation area near Basel. In contrast, the population went on the barricades. With success: The plans have now been put on hold for at least 20 years. Controversial salt drilling stopped With del Zenero-Brunner, numerous users are happy: “Great success, thank you […]

Three new corona cases reported in Hamburg –

  As of June 30, 2020 at 10:06 a.m. – NDR 90.3 Corona virus: Around 4,800 Hamburgers are now considered to have recovered. In Hamburg, the number of people infected with corona has increased by three since Monday. This means that 5,203 people have contracted the Sars CoV 2 virus in the Hanseatic city since […]

Briefly about demos in favorites: “Turkey tries to sow strife” – KURIER

Ludwig (SPÖ) is “in the final analysis” for the deportation of those rioters who caused unrest last week at Kurdish rallies in favorites, as he said in an interview published in the daily newspaper “Austria” on Tuesday. The events were attacked by Turkish ultra-nationalists. The demo riots in Vienna’s favorites remain a political issue. As […]

Municipality wants to use influencers on Instagram against nitrous oxide use

With influencers on Instagram, parent meetings and a flyer, the municipality wants to fight laughing gas use among young people. Mayor Femke Halsema and alderman Simone Kukenheim (Healthcare) write this in a letter to the city council. The reason for this is the results of the report by the Coordination Point for Assessment and Monitoring […]

Breaking news! Statement by YÖK on the closure of İstanbul Şehir University

A statement came from YÖK about the closure of İstanbul Şehir University. According to the statement, “At the General Assembly meeting of the Higher Education Council dated June 25, 2020, Marmara University, which is the guarantor university, regarding İstanbul Şehir University, stated that” it does not have the ability to meet the income gap, staff […]

Red is our Veste: ” You can see the strength of FC Twente here ”

The Ultras of Vak-P, together with other supporters sections, have done a great job at the Grolsch Veste. The stadium of FC Twente is becoming redder by means of sponsorships and donations due to all kinds of new paintings. “We started with our own boys, but we soon wanted to take a broader approach,” explains […]