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Last Sunday a couple came to eat at Thunder Bay River, a small restaurant in Alpena (Michigan, USA), and when they went to pay the bill of 23 dollars (about 20 euros) they decided to leave a tip That was almost 90 times that amount: 2,020 dollars (1,800 euros). The gift was accompanied by a New Year’s congratulation to Danielle Franzoni, the waitress who had attended to them.

Franzoni She couldn’t believe her luck at first, but the restaurant manager assured her that the tip was for her. “Things like this do not happen to people like me,” the employee told the newspaper The Alpena News. Franzoni, a 31-year-old single mother, had recently moved to Alpena to “start over” after having lived in a shelter because of her drug addiction. “They don’t know anything about my story, where I come from. They don’t know how difficult it has been,” Franzoni said of the couple that left the generous sum.

“I’m a waitress. I don not earn a lot of moneyit would take me months to save $ 2,000, “the woman told CBS News. The employee explained that she will use the money to recover her driving license and save. Also, after her lucky break, Franzoni visited another restaurant and left herself 20 , $ 20 tip. “It’s my way of returning the favor,” he explained.

The tip that Franzoni received is part of a viral challenge that under the name 2020 tip challenge It aims to reward waiters with figures that form the numbers of the new year. Either 2,020 dollars or 20,20. It is not the first time that such an initiative has emerged to try to compensate for the low salaries of catering employees in the United States. In 2018, the Tip The Bill Challenge which proposed leaving a tip of the same value as consumption.

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