At 15, he ordered the assassination of his father

The Draguignan juvenile court, ruling in criminal matters, sentenced a minor to 15 years in prison last weekend. The young man, now 17, was found guilty of complicity in the murder… of his own father!

SP, a fifty-something-year-old from Dracé, was found dead on his property on April 24, 2020. deadly fire fired in the middle of the afternoon on the fifty-year-old had not gone unnoticed. Especially in the midst of confinement.

The father, recently divorced, lived in a large villa with his son and his new partner. Owner of several properties, he lived rather comfortably on his income. A financial ease that would have fueled the lust of his child. So much so that the miner decides, after a crazy reflection and the development of a Machiavellian plan, to ask a friend who is barely older to kill SP. For the simple purpose of inheriting his fortune…

Five days after the assassination, the two young boys were arrested. Their confessions were all the more corroborated as the investigators of the Toulon judicial police had discovered in the alleged shooter a handwritten sheet detailing the terms of the “contract”. And the part of the inheritance which should have returned to the performer.

The trial of the author of the shot will be held before the end of the year before the assize court for minors in Draguignan.

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