The law does not protect the intelligent! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The writer, Mishaal Al-Sudairi, narrated a funny story that happened to his friend, from a company that sells a solar-powered correspondence device for drying clothes. Clothes dryer Al-Sudairi said in his article, which was titled “The Rope and the Donkey” in the “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat” newspaper, that a man in America had advertised in […]

Official launch of the personal pension investment fund

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Apple gets a slap in its efforts to compete with the Google search engine

Apple has received unfortunate news regarding its efforts to develop its own search engine Spotlight, through which it aims to compete with giant Google, according to a report released by Maw McRamers, citing The Information newspaper. at work for competitor Google. In 2018, Apple sought to support the development of a web search engine by […]

Vaccinations in Cordoba | How many vaccines do children get?

The Andalusian public health has incorporated almost all of the vaccines of payment that the pediatric associations had asked to offer to childhood the best possible coverage against a wide range of serious illnesses. The inclusion of the pneumococcal vaccineknown by its trademark Prevenar, it occurred on 1 December 2016, when the PSOE was still […]

Health asks the population to receive the booster vaccine against COVID

Health Minister Carolina Darias this Saturday called on the population to vaccinate the groups that have been determined to be administered by the Public Health Commission with the second booster dose against COVID-19 at the proposal of the Vaccine Report. Darias stressed that vaccines “save lives and have been the turning point” to tackle the […]

90% of Madrid residents maintain immunity after receiving the covid vaccine

Nine out of ten people in Madrid have cellular immunity against Covid-19 ten months after receiving the vaccine, which shows a high level of protection against the SARs-CoV-2 virus. In this way, the study established that the prevalence of combined humoral and cellular immunity is high in the community and is maintained with age, so […]

Residency users begin receiving the fourth covid vaccine

Maria Giulia Diez73-year-old user of the Virgen del Valle residence in the Murcian neighborhood of El Palmar, was the first Murcia to receive this Monday the fourth dose of the vaccine against covid. She received all doses at the residence and although she was immunized, the disease passed. “There was a time when almost all […]