Yvetta Blanarovičová: THEFT OF DIAMOND JEWELERY!

She had to put it away, because MRI patients were not allowed to wear jewelry.

Family monument
“I dressed quickly after her so that my back wouldn’t get cold, and he probably fell on me. Then, unfortunately, I didn’t find him again. The medical staff looked everywhere for me, but after two hours they always have patients there, so there’s nothing you can do, “said Aha! sadly a singer for whom a cross made of white gold and a diamond was a family affair. She wore it everywhere. “He went through all the roles and filming of the Street with me,” Yvetta complained.

Yvetta Blanarovič spoke about Alzheimer’s: I come to their center regularly!

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Tears on the field
She wore it even during the last filming, when her Zdenička decided to end her life with euthanasia. “It already evoked a lot of emotions in me during the exams. There was complete silence on the field. I think that at that moment, each of us was experiencing something of our lives, “the actress admitted, saying that she cried the last flap. “When I finished filming, all those behind the show suddenly appeared on the set. Everyone applauded, I got a big flower and my tears flowed. I was full of it. I will not forget that, “she added gratefully Blanarovičová.

Crazy back pain
Twice in a row, her back twitched so hard she couldn’t move and ended up in drips. That’s why the doctors drove her to magnetic resonance imaging for the second time. “We all thought for the first time that it was because I suddenly stopped working and the psyche worked. After the first resonance, I was told that there was nothing there, “said Aha! Yvetta. “I was fine, I started training and doing activities. Suddenly it got me on my knees again, but I’m not collapsing in any way, “Blanarovičová stated bravely.

Fight for life
It is said that she would never have undergone euthanasia or assisted suicide, which is forbidden in our country, on her own. “I would fight like a lioness until the last minute. For every moment with your loved ones. But I understand that Zdenka wants to leave as long as she realizes that she loves her daughter and she loves her, “Blanarovičová confided.

Yvetta Blanarovičová: Fortunately, my mother is not so sick:

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