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WWE Elimination Chamber 2024: Five Anticipated Events Fans Are Excited For

WWE stars went to Australia, where Elimination Chamber 2024 will take place in Perth. For a month, we have been following your activity in the comments, the opinions of fans on social networks and, of course, analyzed fan theories on foreign resources in order to compile the five most anticipated events that should happen at Elimination Chamber, or so the fans think.

Becky Lynch will win the women’s Elimination Chamber match

WWE has assembled a strong lineup for the women’s Elimination Chamber match, but fans around the world are confident that Becky Lynch will emerge victorious from the steel cage to ultimately challenge Rhea Ripley for a title match at Wrestlemania 40.

Drew McIntyre will win the men’s Elimination Chamber match

The male cast is also not inferior in status. Despite the presence of former world champions, fans agree that only Drew McIntyre deserves to win this match. A strong performance in recent weeklies has given fans confidence in his victory.

Bloodline will try to attack Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins will be guests on Grayson Waller’s Elimination Chamber show. Fans suspect that Paul Heyman, along with Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa, will try to ruin their performance, which will ultimately lead to Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins teaming up to battle The Rock and Roman Reigns.

Doomsday will remain undisputed tag team champions

Doomsday will defend the tag team titles against Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne. Fans suspect that R-Truth will try to interfere in the match, but even his presence should not affect the result, since everyone is confident in the abilities of Finn Balor and Damian Priest.

Rhea Ripley will defend against Nia Jax in the main event

Rhea Ripley will defend her world title against Nia Jax in front of her home crowd in Australia. Fans suspect that Ripley will earn a spot in the evening’s main event, where she will be able to stop Nia Jax in a tough match and retain her title ahead of WrestleMania 40.

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