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Sony Announces PlayStation VR2 to Connect to PC for More Gaming Options in 2024

SONY Interactive Entertainment (SIE) recently published an article on its official blog, introducing the latest news about its virtual reality device PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2) exclusive to PS5. The most eye-catching thing is that the company is There are plans to allow PS VR2 to connect to a PC to play more games, and this feature is expected to be available in 2024.

PS VR2 is a high-performance virtual reality device that uses an OLED display, supports 4K resolution, 120Hz update rate, 200-degree viewing angle, eye tracking and 3D sound effects. It will be officially released globally on February 22, 2023, priced at $399. The device is equipped with a new joystick called Sense, which provides tactile feedback, adaptive triggers and gesture recognition, allowing players to experience the virtual world more deeply.

In the official blog article, SIE also introduced some new games that will be launched on PS VR2, including the virtual reality version of the “Horizon” series “Horizon: Calling the Storm” and the virtual reality version of “Castle of Evil 4” , the virtual reality version of the “Star Wars” series “Star Wars: Hunter’s Arena”, the virtual reality version of the “Uncharted” series “Uncharted: Legends Collection”, etc.

In addition, the article also revealed a surprising news, that is, SIE is testing to allow PS VR2 to connect to PC to play more games to meet the needs of different players.文章中寫道:「同時,我們很高興地宣布,我們目前正在測試PS VR2 玩家在PC 遊玩額外遊戲的功能,以提供更多遊戲種類。我們希望在2024 年推出此支援,敬請期待後續更新information.”

This means that in the future, PS VR2 players will not only be able to enjoy exclusive virtual reality games on PS5, but also experience more virtual reality games on PC, which will undoubtedly greatly enhance the appeal and competitiveness of PS VR2. However, SIE did not disclose how this feature will be implemented and which PC games will be supported, but said that more details will be announced in the future.

SIE stated that the goal of PS VR2 is to provide players with a new gaming experience that allows them to explore the virtual world more immersively while maintaining a seamless connection with PS5. The company also said it will continue to invest resources in developing more high-quality virtual reality games and work with third-party developers to bring more content and innovation to PS VR2.

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